Quote of the day (from non-riders)

Today I spared the air! For the first time this year I finally got off my butt and rode to work (Coker). I feel good! And out of shape!

Today’s quote comes from a runner, going the other way on the American River Bike Path:
“Open your mouth wide—you can have lots of bugs for breakfast!”

I never heard that one before. Oddly, I met him right where I turn off onto the dirt for my shortcut out to the neighborhood.

I only saw two other bikes on my whole 3-4 mile stretch of bike path. During the summer it’s a dozen minimum, usually more. I saw about 10 runners, and 1 inline skater. So I’m not the only lazy one this time of year.

Quote #2, from a lady who held the door of my building open for me: “Where’s the rest of it?” I said I left it at home; it’s too heavy.

Add your good non-rider quotes here.


I dont have any good ones but…


Yeah, that’s right, last night while SteveOwe and I were riding on some short walls downtown, this lady walks by and yelled “Hey, did ya’ll know tomorrow is Johnfoss’s birthday?”

That was REALLY strange :smiley: :wink:

Happy Birthday John!!!

i was riding by and this guy said

“isnt there like 5 or 6 treads just like this already?”

Happy Birthday John!

(…and no, I don’t think I saw five or six threads on John’s Birthday).

Have a awesome BD John!

“Holy Crap! Are you out of your mind!” as I rode down a section of fairly steep drops on a Mtn Bike Trail.

And of Course Happy Birthday John. Great way to start the rest of your life.

That’s very similar to this old motorcyle saying …

Q: “Know how to tell a happy motocycle rider …?”
A: “By the number of bugs in his teeth.”
(implied from smiling while riding …)

Happy Bday!

I still haven’t figured out this one I got a few weeks ago …

“Your a jam … !”

Happy B-day John

My quote was from a teenage girl in traffic in the middle of a snow storm (Are you Fricken crazy!) I naturally said yes.

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Re: Quote of the day (from non-riders)

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> Happy B-day John


Asked while i tried to ride down the sledding hill a few weeks ago:
“mister, is that hard?”

“No, gravity does most the work” <splat>



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fel säsong

How about “Det är fel säsong for det.” to which I replied “Nej, det är perfekt!”.
In English that’s “Bad time of year for that” and I said “No, it’s perfect!”

I think he was talking about the continual snowfall we’ve had the last few months. Personally, I think all the snow lets me improve my MUni skills.

The best comment I got was from a road biker while on a Century ride… “Man, you got balls!” I’m still not sure why he said it. :thinking:

Om. Chill a bit with mediation. Om.

“Throw me a Yam, Unicycle man!”

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They were probably hanging out your shorts.

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Easy. If you were riding your unicycle in a century ride, you’ve got balls! :slight_smile:

I remember once when I was in the middle of a very long ride on my old 45" big wheel with “regular, old-school Schwinn” seat. A guy holding a beer on the side of the trail said “You’re nuts!” My reply? “That’s all I’ve been thinking about these pase few miles–my nuts!”

For Jagur:
Actually I did do a search. I looked for “quote of the day” and there wan’t one. That’s what this thread is. We’re good for a couple of weeks at this point…

Today’s quote:

From a kid outside the “high school for bad kids” I pass on my way to work:
“Look, a unicyclin’ fool!”
Accompanied by “Aw YEAH!” from another.

Not bad for a group of teenagers.

Little sister (5yo or so) of non riding friend who was watching TWNR:

Wow, did you learn that from an acrobat ?!?!?

To me with a coker:

“All I have to say is that’s pretty bada$$”

Last weekend, when I was the third Coker rider passing a family on the Thames tow path:


“Look he is riding on one wheel.”

3YO boy:

“Why?” (is this the most used word by 3YO’s?!?)


“Because it’s fun” - this was the only suitable answer I could think in the time frame which a toddler would understand.

Later in Richmond Park I was about 100m behind the first Coker and heard the parent telling another child:

“Look there’s the other half” - This made me laugh as I have never heard it before.