I want to ride a unicorn [½RSU]

Weird title? Well then you better be prepared, it’ll just get weirder from here…

I remember a quote from the Quote of the day (from non-riders) thread where a small kid said “unicorn” instead of “unicycle” and thought it was very cute. Then I stumbled upon this picture today

and added two and two. The answer should be pretty obvious - a unicorn unicycle!

Now I’m a poor student and don’t have enough resources (and even if I did, I wouldn’t know where I would store it). But I figured that if I shared the idea here, maybe some crazy person would be inspired enough to build one. I bet it would be a success at parades! (Don’t forget to add magic sparkles and double rainbows.)

So, is anyone up for it? Just seeing a picture of someone riding a unicorn unicycle would make my day.

i made a shirt that said: “you get your unicorn, I’ll get my unicycle and we can ride together”


Interesting idea. I had been thinking about using some hobby horse handlebars.

Something like this?

That’s a cool shirt! I also like your avatar, but how in the world did you manage to take a photo of a ninja!?

Awesome; to be honest I actually half expected that. I think we need a new rule - whatever you can imagine involving unicycles has already been done here. This rule has probably been stated before as well, since we can apply it to itself. :slight_smile:

If you see this kb1jki, can we see any pictures/videos of you riding your horcycle? Bonus point if you add a horn.

I hope that doesn’t become its actual name…

Ops, now I see how it can sound very wrong. Didn’t think about it when writing it, then it was simply horse + cycle.


That two-wheeled thingie you pictured is a bicycorn, not a unicorn. :slight_smile:

Yes, people have been replacing unicycle seats with hobby horses since small hobby horses have been available. Nice for parades, but your horse has to be big enough to be obvious when someone is riding it. It helps if you spoke the wheel off-center (eccentric wheel) for that horsdy-like motion, too.

Love the idea of the off centre wheel :slight_smile:

I don’t get it :thinking: . Definitely weird sounding, but bad??

@ hansc

This shirt can be bought on cafepress.com/unicyclemonkey

I make custom shirts/mugs/stickers/whatever the website has to offer…with my unicycle designs on them! Feel free to check out my store, make a request for a shirt, or don’t. It’s up to you! haha

And the ninja is some pic i “borrowed” off the internet. It’s not me. haha

hehehe sweeeet that you can’t think bad stuff (hint - prostitute)