Reaction to Unicyclers

About the same experience as you. And then you always get the same ‘witty’ comments from people, nothing original. And the occasional “that’s cool” or “right on”

Occasional harrassment from local city workers (usually at parking lots), even when I’m walking my uni through one not doing anything wrong. The younger workers don’t seem to care and are often interested. But for some reason, all the older city workers are quite crabby.

Yeah, everyone is amused when they come up with “ride a wheelie.”

I always put both hands out and wobble around like I’m about to lose my balance for a couple meters, and then resume riding normally :p.

I’ve never actually gotten that one, but I don’t ride in public places as much lately. Just on the trail with UniGeezer the other day though, we got at least 5 “Where’s your other wheel?”

That’s pretty funny. Just when they ask about wheelies, or in general just to mess with people?

Just whenever they ask about wheelies, which I surprisingly get a lot. :slight_smile:

You know there’s a thread dedicated to people’s reactions, right?

I have a special column on TweetDeck that searches for all posts with the word “unicycle” in it…believe it or not, more people are sighted on college campuses than anywhere else. All I normally see posted is “There’s some crazy dude riding a unicycle on campus”.

Have you ever gotten looks from people like they’re thinking, “what the $?!&@# are you doing that for”? I feel very sorry for those people.


My neighbors occasionally ask my wife, “Why does JD ride a unicycle?” I’m pushing 60 so they think riding might be dangerous for me. She says that I do it for exercise. Riding an exercycle or using a stairmaster gets boring in a hurry. Then she uses my line, “Riding the unicycle never gets boring and the exercise is equivalent to an stationary machine, but it actually goes places.”

After commuting 51 miles to and from campus since January 10th on the 36er I have been photographed numerous times (by Asian students mostly), videoed 3 times once while riding and being interviewed by someone in a car.

Most students know me and just kinda of keep to themselves. At first they were scared and jumped out of the way but now most are used to it. I’ve been known as the “unicycle kid” as a while now.

Id say 99% of all the responses I get are positive. Ive never gotten any hate from riding on campus.

Yes, or the people that say “That isn’t very practical” or the “Why don’t you get a bike?” … like really… I’ve been so tempted to respond “Oh my god! I’m so stupid, why didn’t I think of that?!”

Similar here. Got in the Georgia Tech yearbook, whole page story. : P

The funniest for me is when I use this particular strip of MUP to go to the local juggling club. It happens to parallel a large 4 lane road. I see a lot of people hanging out their windows with a cell phone or camera. It’s more common on campus and surrounding tourist areas.

It seems I have also acquired the title “unicycle kid”

only positive feedback here

dude same here. everyone calls me the unicycle kid at college. this one asian was sneaking photos of me while i was sitting down in front of the marketplace and i was so weirded out…creeper! haha but ya most everyone has gotten used to my unicycle and don’t seem to care as much or make a big deal about it which is fine by me cuz i get so tired of saying thanks or smiling at random people who say something to me. i think people have said a few negative things like the time my friend over heard a guy on the bus who saw me unicycling say “its not a circus, this is college. there is no degree in circusology you clown!” which came off to me as funny when my friend told me what he heard. but i knew it was a negative comment… but whatever! i keep riding!

Classic jealousy

I assume you’re here for their degree in lame-assology? :smiley:

This thread idea has been done many times before. In my years of riding I’ve had about every reaction possible (but not every quote of course). I was always amused by the people you’d encounter in places like New York City who would stare straight ahead and keep walking, refusing to show any awareness of nearby unicyclist(s). While others, possibly on the same block, would shout, jump up and down and otherwise indicate excitement at seeing something so different from the ordinary.

And I’ve had bottles of water thrown at me (from behind; cowards).

I was just starting to learn last fall and was riding on a long stretch of sidewalk with a chain link fence to hang onto. Two times I had someone throw things at me (from behind, of course) from a car then speed away. They barely missed me both times. Once was fast food drink, I don’t remember what the other thing was. Made me pretty mad. :angry: It just seems like such a strange thing to do!

The only other negative encounter was with a huge German Shepherd. I was riding on a paved multi-use trail in January and there was a lot of snow so I could not move to the right any more. As a big strong lady passed with her even bigger dog to the right of her suddenly he lunged around in front of her at my leg. :astonished: Thank goodness she was strong enough because he came within an inch of shredding my left leg. Her comment: “He’s never seen one of THOSE before!”. :thinking: No apology or anything. Guess it was my bad to spook her poor little helpless waif of a dog with my big aggressive unicycle! Later on my ride I learned from another, much nicer, lady that she knew of that lady and dog and that the dog was notorious for being very aggressive. So I guess the unicycle was just an easy excuse for her. Like if I was just walking and he attacked she would have said “He’s never seen you before - you shouldn’t startle him by being a person he has not seen!” In the end I am just glad my leg is still intact, whew! :slight_smile:

The only real interesting one I have heard is “you’re missing the handlebars”. Has anyone heard that one before?

Were they from cyclists on road bikes?

Also to note, if you ever see someone on horseback on the trail ahead of you, just say “Is your horse ok with unicycles?”

The rider will really appreciate it, and you’re less likely to get your brain kicked out of your skull.

My family has always had horses… They can spook very easily.

I am a road cyclist. Though there are many of them that are jerks I would really be shocked to see any of them do this. 'Course I might just be able to get the jump on them and run 'em down before they realized! Especially if I faked falling down first and got them to slow down or come back :sunglasses:

I thought about that with the horses too - will do! Don’t want to be bitten by a dog. REALLY don’t want to be kicked by a horse!!! :astonished:

Now whenever I see a dog ahead I go ahead and jump off and put the uni between me and the dog. One guy recently seemed to be offended that I did this, but I just smiled and said thanks when he told me how nice his dogs were. Gotta think like a mailman - just because your dog doesn’t bite you doesn’t mean he won’t bite me!

the most annoying thing that I hear is - where is the other half of your bike?

No no I meant it purely in the comedic sense. My mother is a cycling journalist, and I have met a lot of pro cyclists, and the overwhelming majority of them are very nice.