comments I was told about unicycling

Uni.eed a life… because U(nicycle) are not cool… Uni.corns don’t even like U(nicycle). And when U(nicycle) finally decide on a Uni.versity, U(nicycle) will still be a USB (not Uni.versal Serial Bus… Uni.versally Shallow Bungler), and the Uni.verse will still not revolve around your UNI (U.ser Network Interface) of stupidity and idiocracy. Perhaps if you grew a UNI-brow, the (naturally superior) girls would find you UNI.formly useful as a UNI-brow model…

Wow, that’s a little more than a out-of-car-window remark! The person who said that must have had a lot of time on their hands to think that up!

it was my sister

do any of you get made fun of becuase you can ride a uni

thats not right. What did you tell her

not really

all the time…

…I have no idea what any of this thread is talking about.

Most people think is the coolest…

Yeah! They’re shocked and they’re instantly speechless, that is, until they try it, they can never resist, and they say they’ll never be able to ride. Except, a lot of the time, they mention a clown at the circus on a uni or a clown on a 6’ giraffe.

I got dissed by a girl on a bike today. I was doing some Coker muni through a local urban trail network. They’re XC trails and good fun on a Coker.

I had a UPD trying to go up a short steep climb. The climb had some challenges like overhanging branches, rocks, and small roots. I had to weave around the rocks and ended up zagging when I should have zigged. So I UPDed and had to walk up the short hill.

Wouldn’t you know, right at that time two girls riding hybrid bikes and street clothes come the other direction and I’m walking the unicycle. One says “I’d say you’re wimping out, but you’ve only got one wheel”.

The only part of the trail I walked was that one climb, and that also happened to be the time that the only other people out there saw me. :frowning:

“at least i have a penis”

that one usually works but starts a big arguement.

i hate it when things like that happens.

I guess people are too dumb to relize that it isn’t always easy to ride on one wheel and so they just take the easy route and ride a bike and diss us

You cant spell unicyclist without unic (eunuch).

BURN!..That’s all I got to say…Don’t worry you’ll get back at her…

About 80% give positive comments or are speachless.
20% give a degrating or clown remark.

lmfao. i’ll have to remember that one. younger people are amazed and think its awesome, however most adults are amazed and then tell a clown story, usually involving a giraffe or a penny farthing.

I remember one guy who made a lot of derogetory comments about my unicycling. I’m pretty sure he was feeling insecure because, at the same time, his girlfriend kept telling me how cool it was.:smiley:

I don’t suppose y’all know about the entire thread dedicated to this subject, do you?

when you cant do anything you get laughed at… but when you ride trials aod a 35 inch hop onto a picnic table and do a 360 off ppl shut up and are like wow thats insane