tools and come backs

so 2 pretty unrelated things

1)Is there like a pocket unicycle tool that you can buy that had everything you would need to fix it? I have seen them for bikes where it has a bunch of different tools for every part of the bike. Anything like that exist?

2)What are the funniest things people have said to you when they see you riding you unicycle and what are your come backs.

For example a lot of people asking me what happened to the other half of my bike? I often times reply either “Forgot it at home” or “who needs both halves”


  2. I’ll tell you nicely before someone else starts to rip the s**t out of you…Use the SEARCH FUNCTION (we all make mistakes:))
    Quote of the day (from non-riders)


Now that I have a bit more time…

The Multi tool I mentioned is great. It will never replace my real full size tools but for a light and small solution to take on rides I find it essential. Has a number of spanner parts, Allen keys, bottle opener, tyre patch up kit, etc.
I take it on almost every ride; no matter how small a ride and have found it very useful for unicycling and just a nice small set of tools to have handy. I would definitely recommend it.

Me too. I also take it everywhere as it’s no bigger than a mobile phone.

As mentioned, you can buy it seperately but it also comes with a unicycle specific tool kit if you are thinking of getting one:

I haven’t got the full tool kit, but it looks pretty good.

In terms of portable multi-tools, you can’t go far wrong with that qu-ax one but if you have the latest issue of UNI magazine there is a review of loads of different multi-tools which you may find helpful. You may see one that is more to your tastes or needs.

  1. The Qu-Ax tool is nice, but if you consider it overkill, UDC has a smaller version (with less stuff in it):
    I have an older version that was metric-only, plus the two flavors of screwdriver that are handy to have included. I’d also get one of these:

But the “ultimate” set of ride-along tools is highly dependent on what you’re riding. For example, both Scott Bridgeman (Wilder) and George Barnes (GB4) thought it would be a good idea to use 5/16" (hex key) bearing bolts on their otherwise all-metric unicycle products. So now I have to carry a 5/16" wrench whenever I ride those, and hope I don’t forget it! Then some of my wheels have splined cranksets, while others are cotterless. Only need the crank wrench for the cotterless unicycles. Lastly, if you want to fix a flat on the trail, you’ll need some tire levers and a patch kit. Basically make sure you have what you need to do whatever kind of fixes you’d want to do while on the ride.

Conclusion: Like a “universal remote control”, a “universal pocket tool” is kind of an oxymoron. It’s only universal if it actually does everything you need it to (which I’ve never seen in a sub-$100 remote). :slight_smile:

  1. For comebacks, I’d search on “comeback” “come backs” and “where’s your other wheel” for tons of the classic responses. The thread linked above is for “new” comments from the non-riders we meet.

Example comeback:
Q: “What do you do when you get a flat?”
A: “I move my furniture in.”

I just raped and pillages my toolbox to come up with a small tool kit, I have 2 hex keys, a small ratchet with a 14mm socket for crankbolts, air pump, tube and patch kit, not to mention my SOG multi-tool that I carry everyday regardless. It all fits within a Camelbak or my, for lack of a better term, tactical fanny pack.

Here we go, my mistake

What you need to consider is the type of riding you’ll be doing and on what unicycle. If I’m taking the bare minimum of tools and weight this will be different for each unicycle - could be a multitool or just part of a hex set with 10mm socket.

Any multitool is no substitute for a decent home set of full size tools as well. you don’t want to be doing 1/6th turns with a multitool that can’t get the torque you need when you can do the job properly in 1/10th of the time with a decent tool set.