Oddest Comment Yet

i was in the city and this lady told me i was riding too close to the footpath and that i could fall off and hit someone (i was trickin on these blocks)… then proceeded to tell me to get off and wait until i did. then i said “ahhhh… no”
then she stormed off and turned around and said “you people are whats wrong with the world today!” “i hope you kill yourself. the world will be glad to be rid of you.”…

nice old bag hey

As your ovine colleague, I concur. Shouldn’t there be a link associated with that little (teeny, tiny) bit of wisdom? Raphael gets no respect; he should at least get some credit.

As your ovine colleague, I concur. Shouldn’t there be a link associated with that little (teeny, tiny) bit of wisdom? Raphael gets no respect, he should at least get some credit.

I just love saying that. I stole it. It’s mine now. But what you are saying does put a perspective on things well worth bearing in mind.


o and this is my 1000th post. dig it

What’s a chav?

See http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38668&page=6&highlight=chav+car for my definition on this forum. (there’s an extremely good picture of a typical chav’s car, too)

Alternatively, here’s a delightful example of a group (there’s an excellent plural noun oppurtunity here…answers on a postcard ) of chavs (or scallies as we call them up oop narth).
Pay particular attention to the first photograph where distinguishing features are particularly noticeable. The baseball cap/suit combo on the younger specimen, the mothers’ inappropriately short skirt and the stupidly small handbag.

edit:A link might help mightn’t it…http://www.sportnetwork.net/main/s105/st80039.htm

I had a little kid today who obviously had not yet seen a unicycle. He looked at me as I rode past and with a confused look, said simply, “what happened?”. I thought that was hilarious! I just said my bike broke in half!

That was hilarious… I hope you squeeze that into the next film. See ya. Tim.

Was cokering a charity ride for kids with lukemia… Some idiot hangs out the window and screams “you f-in idiot”. besides scaring the crap outa me, made me so mad that I ended up loosing concentration and had walk it off.

guess thats a good reason NOT to carry a weapon while uniriding.

you could carry a sharp tongue to attack them with

i had my favourite one so far, i was unicycling through the local community college, and i hear a group of guys talking infront of my about the most amazing thing one of them saw that day, the guy talking finishes his story and then the other one starts to say how he saw something pretty cool that day too, then i pass them and he bursts out saying now thats the most amazing thing i have seen today.

later that day i was going through algonquin again (the college) and some girl yelled across the road to do a kickflip, it annoyed me a bit but made me really wish i could do a crankflip just to keep the upper side of that one.

Sorry to drag this thread up again, but this is the best indication of what a chav is. Devvo is indicative of the type of hooligan that us UK people have to battle/ignore every time we want to walk down a street in an urban area of any major town.


I’m speechless!
what a lovely individual.
He’s from Hull…That explains a lot.
He’s a walking testimony to the dangers of excessive drug use.

Should warn people though it’s not at all family friendly viewing.

A few days ago there were three of us walking down the street past an outside pub, pushing four unicycles along. Someone from the pub bench said: “Look, a unicycle gang”. Then someone else started shouting something like: “F*cking unicyclists! You’re evil! You’re evil! You are worse than clowns!”.

We just looked at each other in disbelief. Dave said: “That’s harsh”.
I just have to laugh about this. It is the funniest comment I’ve ever heard.


British humour :roll_eyes:

What an asshole!!!
Some people are really anoying

I think the oddest comment I have heard was given by two mid-aged ladies sitting outside of a pub, while I was riding around with one friend of mine. “Look, two front wheels!” Why on earth did they say front wheel, why not rear wheel or sth… :astonished:

One day when I was just riding around, this guy said, “hey, you lost a wheel, I’ll go get you one.” He went somewhere and when I was just about to leave he actually brought a wheel out and said, “here’s your other wheel.” I just started riding away thinking he was crazy!