Oddest Comment Yet

North Bay.

Hand rail at sunset on the waterfront.

Couple in their 50’s walking by.

Man to wife: Hopefully they kill themselves. That would be good.

some people eh…you shoulda come back with “ya it would be kool for someone to die…but how bout you try it first ok?” ya well just think…when he was a kid it was the hugest feat just to ride one never mind what were doin withem now. theres all sorts out there…some open minded…some close minded fools.


wow… what an arse… some people are so freaking mean… why is it that people in cars always think its a great idea to honk when your riding a really dangerous skinny or section? … just goes to show you… there’s more and MORE morons… (hence “Mor” “on”)

i woulda run up to him and biffed him in the head with my metal pedals.

Don’t worry…you’ll all be able to hear it. In Hi-Def :slight_smile:

That’s depressing.

All the more reason to ride.

Oh ghost of Sofa-

Thanks for more sig-line fodder. That is one gem of a reaction. Ressurect the quotes from non-riders thread and put that one in.

Standard Definition as well

One time A school bus drove by my house when I was riding, some kid i know (and hate with a passion) sticks his head out the window and calls me a “F*&%ing clown” rather loudly. next time I ride I’m wearing a rainbow wig.

Haha, I didn’t even think of it like that.

oh yeah … once an old men told me I was gonna die…

i think the best one i got i was riding down the rode to get a coke and some idiot ask me if i know how to ride it i looked at him and said no I’m just guessing

Wow. That’s so rude. Just brushed it off.


I seem to get a lot of people asking if I cando a wheelie, I say yes and pull up the imaginary handlebars. That always gets a smile

It’s odd I hadn’t gotten that comment forever but on my Saturday ride I got it maybe 6 times. I’ll have to remember the invisible handle bars response.

I had a similar response once. Having done 12 miles off-road (or maybe 12km, i can’t remember) on my 20", I was enjoying a very refreshing drink at the end of the ride. Hopping off a curb into the empty car-park to ride the last 1km home, some 60-year-old shouted at me “This is a car park, not a playground. You’ll kill yourself if you’re not careful” in a very menacing tone.

My response the the grumpy old man: “Yay.”

Just not worth responding to some people at all.

Well, I got one that was kind of rude:

2 girls were walking down the street and I was unicycling over to 7/11 for candy and I recognized her from school. She says to me, “You’re still stupid, walking is easier, duh!” And no, she wasn’t being sarcastic.

The next part of the conversation that you didn’t hear…

Wife to Man: Oh, sweetie, you know our freezer is full right now.

Oddest comment I got was on the way home from some 4th-of-July fireworks as I’m riding across a big bridge in town. Lots of cars are driving by and I’m on my Coker 36" so plenty of random cheers and what-not. One car comes by and a fairly intoxicated sounding individual apparently trying to look cool in front of his fellow passengers sticks his head all the way out and yells “Nice Unicorn F@#!*t.” I almost fell off laughing…the first time I witnessed a failed attempt at making fun of unicycling.

I live in Newfoundland, and am one of 3 unicyclists in my town. This means I get, day after day, old men with fishing gear on going “where’s yer other wheel by’?” until you just want to take up a sharp object and stab! stab! stab!..

But once a long while, you get a carful of college girls screaming “You’re my hero!” and you realize that hell. it’s worth it.