Best pictures of 2013

The “Pictures of your latest ride” thread contains some amazing pictures. Perhaps we should collect the best pics of the year in a special Best Pics thread, like we did in previous years. Of course they can also be pictures that haven’t been posted yet.

My ‘secret’ plan is to make a 2014 calender of it, essentially for personal use. Again like before, I’m willing to share the pics I’ve chosen, in my optimised version as to cropping, contrast etc. Perhaps I can make it one printable file, but otherwise anyone can get the optimised pics for private use.

Just to get the thread started, I attach a picture from the Dutch Unicycle Championship 2013 that I co-organised. This is during the 10 km unlimited race. A boy, not having a 36", raced it on his 24" (125 mm cranks) and managed to stay quite close to a girl on a 36". The perspective makes it funny.

Please post!

Rolf on Slickrock

A couple from Porcupine Rim:


CA MUni Weekend:

Other random stuff:

I found lots of photos I like in my 2013 archives. These are the ones I like the best.
Winter and spring preparations for RomUni, RomUni trip itself, Elsbet, Amatour Tour de Pologne, some MTB races and MuniRace are included.
Contact me if you need any of the photos in better resolution.

Location: Vancouver Island
Rider: Ryan Kremsater
Photo by: Jacob Spera

Beautiful, but I’d straighten the horizon.

:smiley: Great piocs so far :smiley:
Here’s some of the previous years.








Awesome photos!!! I will make calendar for home use as well :roll_eyes:

Some of my 2013 bests:

Great pictures indeed. I intended this thread to celebrate the riding and pictures of specifically this year, though.

You can do that, or wait and let me do it and then print my file(s). Last year (actually early this year), several people did.

What impressed me is we are off to a much better start than most other years IMO.

But I know there are people who would like a easy way of getting to lots of really good pics and don’t really care about the year. I deffinately have.

This is a badass picture. It really makes unicycling look cool and goes a long way to bust the juggling clown stereotype. Good stuff.

Thanks a lot! Nice to be not clown riding one wheel bike :smiley:
Anyway, this one is very deeply-rooted stereotype and first reaction on unicycle - associate it with circus.

This, from Horwich, is my personal favourite. The facial tan (up the “hill” on one of the last laps) makes the picture…

(high res.)

The “high res” link leads to some other amazing pictures. Would you mind if I include them in the “longlist” to select the 12 for the calendar I mentioned in the first post?

Picky, picky. But if there’s not enough sky up there, you can add some in Photoshop.

Also I really like Hudson’s two wide angle photos. Nice! And the “walking with uni” shot with all the post-processing. I like that effect and use it also.

Got to get some of mine posted soon…

me too
Grateful for another awesome year on the uni(s), these are just a few from the year- peace



That’s a great one – the classic “Rocky” pose! (But with more style.)

How long are your cranks AspenMike? And what kind are they? The red looks amazing.