Best pictures of 2013

Amazing photos so far. Here are mine:

  1. photoshoot together with Stephanie Dietze
  2. riding together with world champion Jakub Rulf
  3. racing against bikers
  4. hiking at Elsbet (followed by a great downhill)
  5. cool artsy stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

im gonna throw in one of the few pics ive taken this year

Not at all. Feel free!

Great shots muni ben! That looks like a pretty epic hike, hope you guys had enough energy to enjoy the ride down!

Cool coker paintjob davejh

He stole the Dutch flag :slight_smile:

This picture is my best from 2013:

  • taken after the Düsseldorfer Marathon. I did it! Not fast, but nevertheless! My first marathon :slight_smile:

Best regards and happy new year,

shhhhh… now everyone will want a flag

Queen Charlotte Walkway

in the Malborough Sounds, New Zealand

And Unistan

The Uzbekistan Unicycle Tour.

Great impression of speed at 6 hour event at Woodhill

list of pics above
US Pro Cycling Challenge Independence Pass 12,000’ party on top
Ben on Ribbon Trail Grand Junction Colorado
Prime Cut Trail Moab Utah
Ben on Riboon Trail Grand Junction Colorado
Richard the Brautwurst guy top of Stelvio Pass Cima Coppi Italy
Government Trail Aspen Colorado
Castle Valley Utah

this pic from tonight Aspen New Years Eve 2013’



My best of Monocyclette Across Patagonia

Anso marvellous photos!

I found that one beautiful, and after that discovered it was you, nice!

The tree makes it look like if there was much wind (I guess it really was).
Unicyclists are in general always very low, but -gee- you are sitting so high!
Is that because of your luggage, or do you truly prefer that?

Those are some great pictures, anso.

I’m posting a bunch for you to look at. This first batch is of “stuff seen along the way” on rides last year:

  1. Broken tree along the South Fork American River Trail
  2. Trees near sunset, same trail
  3. Mixed use of the surface of Lake Natoma
  4. Fuzzy tree in Annandel State Park, Santa Rosa
  5. Magnificent oak, also at Annandel
  6. California Poppy at Skyline Park in Napa

Here are some more 2013 pix:

  1. Robert Allen on the (rebuilt) Culvert Trail in Auburn
  2. The group at John’s Rob-ish Ride at Folsom Lake (currently, there is no water back there!)
  3. Awesome riding at Annandel State Park
  4. Corbin Dunn, arriving for John’s Rob-ish Ride in March
  5. Leaving Skyline Park in Napa after some sunset Disc Golf
  6. The Confluence Trail in Auburn

The Magnificent oak, so beautiful!

Want a few more? Here are too many from NAUCC 2013 in Pennsylvania:

  1. Jim Sowers tries (unsuccessfully) to catch Jamie Mossengren in the 10k
  2. Steveyo in the 10k
  3. Pretty sure this is a functional spare; it is not a functional unicycle
  4. “Of course people do go both ways.” That’s Dave Krack and ? (sorry)
  5. Epic 'shroom along the MUni XC course
  6. Jason Wieske rocks an awesome uni tattoo
  7. Scott Wilton rocks some stylish legwear at the Marathon (which he won)
  8. Flippin’ into the foam pit at the Wheel Mill in Pittsburgh
  9. Loads of cool lines to ride at the Wheel Mill
  10. Crank arms on display in the trailer store
  11. Flatland competition at dusk