Best Photos of 2006

It’s that time of year again…

Time to submit all you best photos of 2006. Let’s see what you’ve been up to this year!

Note that this is a “best” photos thread, not the “most impressive” photos thread. That means the photos have to be aesthetically pleasing! Please DO NOT submit that photo of yourself doing a 9ft drop or a quadruple-one-foot-backwards-reverse crankflip if:

  • the photo is blurry
  • it’s taken on a camera phone
  • your thumb is in the picture
  • you’ve been decapitated in the photo
  • the lighting is crap
  • the photo is blurry


Ok, I’ll start off with my best pics…mostly from the Laos Unitour.

Hello Buffalo!

The next two are in sequence.

Pied Piper Schlumpf

Team Laos

Photo from Switzerland. Something to brighten up your day!

Sunflower love

Harper at Tom Blackwood’s Ride and Feed 2006. Taken by me, Tyler Cox.

Another guy at the Ride and Feed, whose name I unfortunately forget. Once again taken by me.

Myself traveling to the end of a dock that leads nowhere. During the 33 mile Chilly Hilly Bicycle Classic that John Childs and I rode. Taken by John Childs.

And the nominee for Best Picture in the Ugly Biff category: Nick Brazzi, on the Cinderella Trail in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland.

In the Natural Foliage category: Mike Cobb on the Chaparral Trail, Joaquin Miller Park

In the Kinetic Sculpture category: Cyclops on Dead Man’s Drop

In the High Altitude category: Eric (onefiftyfour) at CA MUni Weekend.

I havent taken many pictures but this is my favorite of me. (theres not many to choose from)


Jump over Donner Lake.

Photo by Lloyd Johnson!

jump over donner.jpg

Gap off trashcan in downtown Santa Barbara

Coker in San Fran.

Photo by… nathan or beau hoover…not quite sure…

coker in SF.jpg

LA Muni Weekend

Chris LaBonte about to go down hard.

Gaustatoppen, Norway.

From the London meetup in October

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