Best Photos of 2009

I did a search and didn’t see a thread to post your best photos of 2009 yet. We’re almost 3 months into the new year! C’mon people. Haha Same rules as the last 3 years of photos

If the photo is blurry but the blur shows motion then it is ok.

I’ll start heres some of mine

Matt Aaron at the end of Porcupine Rim:

Chris Labonte dropping, Phoenix MUni Weekend:

Josh Tulberg in the redwood grove:

Ashley Foster climbing Tunnel Road, Oakland

Heres some of mine:

Taking a break from some riding:

i like this one (i’ve got lots more…)

I was going to post an awesome photograph I took of myself but my thumb is visible in it and thus the rules do not permit me to submit it.

Here’s my best pic of the year. I didn’t take it and I don’t have publishing rights. But if it’s a “just for fun” best of 2009, then I can submit it. This is from July 2009, I’m riding the Siskiyou Crest in Southern Oregon. A photographer from one of our local newspapers just happened to be there taking pictures. I got lucky.

this are some pics of me… :slight_smile:


90cm rolling.jpg

A few of mine…

Yeah that one is one of my faves! It’s looks like something out of a Tour de France ‘King of the Mountains’ for unicycles. If it was portrait format it would look great on the cover of Uni mag.

I also like love one:

It’s important to put your tongue in just the right position, otherwise the trick won’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Moving his tongue to the side like that keeps his center of balance over the wheel.

He must flip it to the other side of his mouth when he crosses to the other pedal. :sunglasses:


I really like those ones of me, all taken the same day:)

MuniAddict: 4th picture down in your post is an amazing shot. The juxtaposition of the small space under your tire and the HUGE space beyond makes for a composition that begs for a longer look to kinda put the perspective in order. I doubt that makes a ton of sense… But I hope you get the idea that I really like that shot.

This one makes me think of doing a contest for voice bubbles on that guy in the background. Here’s some examples for starters:

“My horse has a lot of trouble with railroad tracks too.”

“I told you you weren’t going to like those bumps…”

“Isn’t that a slow an inefficient way to get around?”

'Where’s your other legs?"

Terry, great shot with the birds. Just remember, now they owe you one. :smiley:

This was my best photo from 2009. Taken early one August morning while riding up the Miners Track on Mount Snowdon in Wales. The sun was just rising as I set-off up the mountain, I was lucky as it was raining two hours later.

some other ones …

probly seen it before, but its all i have on my computer.

I think this one is my favourite from last year:

(click to embiggen via Flickr)