Best photo of 2010?

We usually have a best photo thread at the end of the year on the forum. Post your favorite picture you have taken this year!

My camera doesn’t take the best photos, but I really like this photo I took in May when Mt. Evans opened - riding up to 14,000+ feet on my g29.

I read the story. It’s a good picture but the content was more engaging. I will look around and post a pic too.

This will be a really good thread if people put a highlight photo out there. Kind of a best of the best picture of your latest ride.

Martin and Scott in the marathon at U Games:

Ashley in the Knickerbocker 50:

Unicycle rain shadows, Slickrock Trail parking lot:

Unicyclists on Mt. Seymour, Vancouver MUni Weekend:

An’So on Mt. Fromme:

Ashley in the vineyard:

Unusually good weather at the top of Snowdon…

@Tholub, you maight one to post only 1picture…
the threat says, post your favourite one… not 6 :slight_smile:
@ splodge: wow, beautifull pic!

this in may be my favoutite of this year…
-No handed 360
-Taken at CFM 2010 by Bobousse

this was taken at mount hawk cornwall and is my best of the year [/IMG]

Monguni :

that’s my favourite one of me :slight_smile: haha, I really like tim and sams!

That hill SUCKED! Nice picture too. :smiley:

I can tell that hill sucked; Martin looks like he’s actually putting out some effort! :slight_smile:

Tom, I liked that one of An’So, I think because there’s no sign of a trail there.

Mine is of Tony Melton, demoing the killer MUni race course at Unicon XV in New Zealand on January 2.

i really love the tim demet foto but i vote fore th foto by bouin-bouin!!!


Are photo shopped photos OK?

Practice with the cactus.


i first wanted to post a picture from new zealand but somehow i like this one more. picture by joschi more pictures from this session can be found here).

Love this photo.

So do I.

Best regards,

Here’s one of me:

A picture I took of Tony Melton: