Best Photos of 2007

Nobody’s made a thread for last year’s pictures yet so hear it is.

Probably good to keep the same rules as last year.

I’ll look for mine:o

Only one I have on hand.

Jeff of when I went on a ride with him in the Lynn Woods Lynn, MA in the fall. Got a bunch of great foliage shots - I like this one. Jeff again and then me jumping from a rock.

here we go:

…- you’ve been decapitated in the photo… to the fullest degree…

Here’s mine from Sleepless In The Saddle



Oh, and for ‘artistic’ photos with a unicycle in, there’s always these;


Credit goes to Norry for this one of me.

The “gang”

Brendan at MK

This ones a little blurry, but it was supposed to be like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats my selection from the year 2007

This photo is taken by professional photographer Bob Scott from NY
It is for the upcoming Smartwool Catalog (We are all wearing smart wool socks and shirts…notice there are no shoes on) This was taken in Breckenridge Colo last fall.

I recognize that area, was there for several weeks last year. Are there alot of unicyclists around there? If not, I may have actually seen you riding…

Really like this one, a new favourite photo. :smiley:

It was probably me. There are a few riders around, but they don’t ride that much.

New desktop background time

smallest 661’s ever!

I’ve got a bunch of me, I’ll try to make em all show up here so you don’t have to click on an external link to see them.hint, hint

I’ll have more later… This one is an inward varial from last February.

That is one rockin’ photo.
Kudos to Norry.

He’s not bad with one of them cameras.
Fair’s fair.

Photographer (the last one): Peter Sandström

Awesome, felle ;). Loved that first one.

A couple from my local trail overlooking Catalina…

mattmadunipro at Bartlett Wash, Moab

Beau Hoover on a steep section, Berkeley

Mike Scalisi on his geared 36", Marin

Nathan and Beau Hoover with concentric wheels, Bear Creek

(Note to Ken: In most cases, action photos should be blurry.)