Best Photos of 2007

Riding by me

Photography by Ricardo Gaitán

By the way Edd, did you make it down that bombhole in one piece?

some of my pics



I dont have any good ones really…

Well im still here… I think. Pats self down

Theres a clip of it in one of our videos. I made it down the slope, but came off trying to ride up the little slope at the bottom!

Another one…

double legaround i think

small hop

The second two are still frames from video, sorry if thats against the rules, I think they are worthy tho.



Here’s Mine…

here are a couple of my favorites of me

park near my house

festival of the whales parade

photo shopped picture of my friend who BMX’s

muni with some friends

jumping a seven stair

inside grocery store

and uh yep thats it

Huge field of rocks 1/2 mile from my house.

Sheesh, what’s with all the blurry pics/ cellphone pics. I thought it was a best photos thread, not a ‘most impressive’ photos thread.

Wow Forrest, what an awesome place to practice! Great to have it so close to home. Nice shots too.

Here are some of mine, with variety (in chronological order):

Some of the shots are pretty lame (I think they’re vidcaps more than cellphone pics), but you can’t lump all “blurry” together. My shots of Beau Hoover and Mike Scalisi are both better for the motion blur, and a number of the stop-action unispin shots would be better with a lower shutter speed, because without blur you can’t even tell what’s happening. (It looks like you’re jumping over the unicycle).

Take Forrest’s shots; most of them have little motion to them. The one exception would be the third shot on the rocks, which is dynamic enough that freezing the action worked out. The others look static, even when he’s in the air.

Yes, you’re right. Not all blurry is bad. I’ve nothing against artistic/motion blurriness.

But I think a few of those look like they were taken by someone with a bit of a tremor, or a very bad camera, or both

Substitute “camera shake” or “lack of camera quality” for blurry. Yes, I believe the purpose of the pictures in this thread is great (unicycling) photos in general, not okay-or-worse-quality photos of cool tricks.

But if all you have is a phone camera, something taken with it would still qualify for this thread…

Yeah, those were taken on ‘automatic’ camera settings, without playing around with the shutter speed or anything else. A few ‘motion blurred’ shots are great, but it’s also nice to have a perfectly clear action shot too.

I do really like your shot of Beau.

Actually, the third rock trials pic (and the last one) were taken by me using a tripod and a self timer!

where is that?

Nice. I didn’t mean to single you out; it’s hard to take good action shots. As a general rule, freezing the action works when the action is dynamic enough that you can still feel the motion. That third shot works because your body is ahead of the unicycle, and you can still see the shadow on the rock behind you; you can tell that you’re springing from one rock to the other. The shots when your body is more or less straight just don’t have the energy. The one where you’re jumping up on the rock seat-out, for example; from the picture, it’s not even obvious whether you’re going up or down.

You have to play with different shutter speeds, and take a lot of pictures to get good action shots.

The thing I like about the Beau shot is that his hub and the edge of his KH Moment crank are the only things in focus.