Post Your Unis Here!

Alrite there,

i know there have been these kindsa threads in the past, but im bored and just wanna see what people are riding these days. I’d mainly like to see stuff like trials and munis but i wouldnt mind seeing the odd nice freestyle here and there.

oh also, please, someone post pics of a proper street uni! u know, like the ones evan byrne and spencer h seem to ride on alot, wiht 20" wheel.


i’ll start it off.
oh yeah, Also: please include the spec!

Frame- KH24 2004
Saddle- KH Muni
Seatpost- Steel
Cranks- KH 2004 170mm
Hub- KH 2004
Rim- KH 24 2005
Tyre- Gazz 3.0
Pedals- Snafu
Seatclamp- KH

24" Rowing:

Rowing Blizzard Frame
'05 KH Hub/Crank Set 165mm
Surly Large Marge Rim
Intense 3 x 24" Tire
Magura HS33 Stainless Steel Braided
Custom Made Brake Mount
Primo Post
Scott Wallis Derail Base
Cut Foam and Gel Pad w/ Fusion Cover
Reeder Handle
Snafu Pedals w/ Pedal Protectors

Heres Mine:

Quax Frame
KH Fusion Street Saddle
Quax ReinForced Seatpost (Not In The Pic)
Quax ISIS Hub
KH Moment Cranks 137s
Elite Bike Trials Tire 20x2.5
Quax SeatPost Clamp
Quax BX38 Rim 48 hole
Snafu Pedals

here is a pic i just took today.

@isaac, did you mod the seatpost?

Nope its Quaxs new seatpost.

Heres Mine

Koxx-One Orangebud saddle
Koxx-One Reinforced Seat Post
Koxx-One Devil Frame w/ Orangebud Stickers
Try-all Reinforced Rim
Koxx-One Street Cranks
Try-all Red Label Pedals
Orange Pedal Protectors
Try-All Sticky Tire

its on there new trials uni.

Nice uni. Thats really nice.

hehe someone post their uni i want to see it…:stuck_out_tongue:

coker 36" tire
ProWheel 127mm cranks (in picture 152mm LX cranks)
old Airfoil rim
KH street saddle

20" DX:
Luna trials tire
KH street saddle
nashbar pedals
everything else is stock

Nice Photos…And Nice unicycles.

I’ll photograph my three tomorrow, so hold on:D

Ok sweet im excited to see yours…Anyone else…post yours.

Not built up yet, but you get the idea…
(Terrible photography, but meh, rushing it’s OK)

“The Ti” frame
Red DX32 rim
Profile hub
Profile 145mm cranks
Odyssey JC pedals unsealed
Maxxis CC tyre
KH Fusion street saddle
try-all reinforced post
black double clamp
marwi spokes
… I think?

Where did you get it?

Total weight?

I think Dan Heaton and Zack Baldwin road unis just like that in Defect

I believe he told me it’s the same one.

my uni’s
from left to right:
1)stock Qu-Ax, i’ve cut the seat since this pic. i plan to get KH moment hub and crankset w/ kh '07 rim soon, i also want a kh street saddle.
2) my first uni…no name brand
3) torker lx with a seat post that is way to short!

thank you

shhhhhhhh you can’t say nothing!