Recoloring unis

has anyone recolored their uni by simply spray-painting? not powder coating? - and gotten great results?

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spray paint will get scratched, but its all good… its not going to be as tough as the paint that’s there already, but it will not be super weak or anything…

there are lots of instructions on how to do so on this forum.

I spray painted mine a little while ago. It looks pretty good, there’s only 2/3 dips…:stuck_out_tongue: I dont think I did it the good way though, I sanded it a little before painting, and I did 3 coats of paint and 2 of ClearCoat in like 3 hours, I did’n tlet it dry much… it stills looks cool:)

my dad just spray painted my brothers uni’s and he used like a glossy spray paint and it looks just like the factory powder coat

it should be the one from kalamazuni

I did mine, and while it turned out to be a pretty poor job (doesn’t look bad though imo), it can be done easily and look good. Worst comes to worse you don’t like it, take it off, and spend another $5 to get a new can of paint.

do you have to take off the pre-existing coat to have good results? or will it work fine

I put 5 coats of paint on my freestyle and it wore through to the primer in two days.

There were bare spots soon after that.

I guess my feet rub against the frame a lot.

Don’t blame it on my paintjob; I’m an obsessive perfectionist.

Yeah, probably.

It takes quite a long time(if the original paint is of good quality). Use wet sandpaper. If you’re sanding dry it will take ten times as long.

yeah i did this but i spayed strait over the chrome and it is alright i can scratch it off with my finger nail but meh its a eBay frame so i dont care much for it…

Colored electrical tape.

I’ve painted mine a few times and its come out great I normal do 3-5 coats gloss paint and 5 coats clear coat. that way it makes it think and wont chip as easyly. makes the uni a bit heaver but not that much heaver