Building a 650B Muni

Hmm. I’m liking the sound of a stiffer sidewall. Would allow the lower psi’s without spraying white goo all over the trail (do with that what you like). Definitely interested. Wonder what the chances’d be of them doing an SG HD in 29er format, though I really ain’t complainin’. :sunglasses:

Mary DH comes in 29?..

Will you wait for this to appear or still build your 650B?

I tend to run higher pressures with more aggressive tyres. Unlike most Bikers running low roll resistant tyres on low pressure.

I like the Hans and for its weight and pattern. your 27.5" rubber is going to be heavier than a 29"…

What about tubeless on these? Been done? Doable? not advisable?

Like the idea, keep us in the loop

Yay - I think 650b’s already been done on a singlespeed, but you may be the first with a Schlumpf if you do that. Could just be the perfect size for a Schlumpf muni.

I’m still pondering a 650b with a Flow EX rim, but will probably go 29er instead (yes I know you think those rims are too narrow, but in reality given the different sidewall design it will probably give just as large a tyre profile as your Blunt).

I feel like the 29" size is more or less peaked with the knard, there really isn’t much more that can be done or is likely to be done in regards to 29" tires. So I’m still going to build a 650b as an alternative to 26, and if I like it, then I’ll schlumpf it next year.

As for tubeless, well, I ran my hans tubed for a year, and it was my favorite tire, then I made it tubeless and it lost that lovin’ feelin’. I went back to tubes on the hans and the good feelings are back.

So, tubeless can be good, but each tire is different and each rider wants a different feel, so for instance on my 36" Todd tire, running tubeless is awesome!

That’s my plan! I was about to order that Velocity P35 rim with the Hans Dampf. The Hans Dampf is really big actually, the 2.35 from Schwalbe is like 2.6 from Maxxis. I would be using a KH29 frame for the moment.

I’m starting to race with XC bikers localy, and I noticed that the G24" is slow and heavy. I think I’d have more chance of keeping up with them on a lighter 650B. Going with lighter tire and tubeless.

My plan is to get the rim with 36 holes so I can maybe end up with a geared wheel :slight_smile:

I was pondering this in January and the idea was pretty much dismissed as folly (which serves more as encouragement than a deterrent to me). I’ll still get around to it. But as I go back and look for that thread, I see that someone posted their 650b five years ago (without ever offering a review that I can find).

There is a lot of discussion about wheel size differences, I have quite a few wheel choices including a 32", so my opinion is it is worth considering esp when you compare bike gearing to unicycle “gearing”. We don’t have gearing outside of the Schlumpf, so taller and shorter wheel sizes are teh only way to change gearing. I rode my 26 x 4 last night for the first time in months, and even though it’s a beast of tire compared to my daily driver 29er, the geairng advantage when I climbed was clear.

I learned to ride on a 26 x 3, but over time I felt like a spun out on XC terrain, though for climbing and tech muni it was fine. Bumping up to a 29er was great for XC, but not as good for climbing and tech muni. I’ll be curious to see how the 650b Hans compares in diameter to my 26 x 4.

It will be smaller. It will even be smaller than a 26x3. A 650b is just about 1" larger than a 26" wheel (ignore the 27.5 marketing, it’s really 27), hence you only need a 1/2" larger tyre on the 26" to be the same diameter as a 650b.

The good thing is, you can have a lighter wheel than a 26x3 and have about the same diameter!

26x3 for DH, 27.5 for XC. :slight_smile:

The difference in height between a HD and a Duro is less than an inch, so the 650b HD is going to be taller than a 26 Duro.

Gonna find out soon…

I got the Hans Super Gravity the other day, still waiting on the rim, but the tire is quite nice, think of a cross between a Duro and an HD, but stickier.

I’m thinking this tire will go tubeless!

Interested to see how much it burps. Not that I’d ever go 650b. That’s just silly… :smiley:

nNot that silly, the 650 will have a lower relative gearing than a 29, but not as low as a 26. Not that I dislike the 29" wheel, but it is a little tall at times for,tech stuff, at the same time I feel like the 26" is a little too small form XC.

I really like the feel of the SG tire, it is super burly like a DH tire, but with a more pliable center, so it should conform to the trail, while having enough sidewall to resist collapse.

If you are going to stick with a 29 for muni, there is a Super Muddy Mary…

BTW, these tires have a high retail price, but can already be found on sale, I paid $72 delivered for my HD SG.

Keifer, do you have a 26" wheel? If not, have you considered building one and running spirits on all your wheels so you swap wheels? The you could have a tech muni wheel, maybe get an SG :smiley:

FYI, I took some measurements last night to see how tight the fit would be for my Knard on the Oracle 29 (+) frame and it is sooooper tight, 1/8" on either side and 1/4" to the crown. I think I’ll leave it on the Oregon. :roll_eyes:

My plan right now is to get an Oregon once I have a couple paychecks under my belt, probably the 29er though. But I do think that I may follow suit with you and build up a couple different wheelsets to use in the frame down the road. I may sell my Drak at some point too.

I’m just not crazy about the 26er wheelsize, unless it’s the original Oregon. :smiley:

Built up the 650b wheel last night, 32h Niimbus hub, Velocity Blunt 35 rim, tubed it for now, but will change to tubeless soon. Tire weight was spot on 1040gm as listed on the packaging, using a Specialized presta 27.5 tube, and a Schwalbe Hans Dampf 650b x 2.35 Super Gravity tire :smiley:

Here are some measurements for comparions (outside tread diameter):

Duro Wildlife 24 x 3", Nimbus Dominator rim (42mm) = 25.75"
Maxxis Ardent 26 x 2.4, Surly Large Marge XC (65mm) = 27.5"
Schwalbe Hans Dampf SG 650b x 2.35, Velocity Blunt (35mm) = 28.5"
Schwalbe Hans Dampf 29 x 2.35, Velocity Blunt (35mm) = 29.5"
Surly Knard 29 x 3" 27tpi, Surly Rabbit Hole (50mm) = 30.5"

Anyone have a measurement for a Duro 26 x 3"?

ill measure tonight for ya

Well, I was bored last night, had alredy let the HD Super Gravity stretch for a day at 50psi, so I pulled the tube, added a valve, and went tubeless :smiley:

It’s really quite easy, esp if you line the rim with tubeless tape from the beginning, then it’s just a matter of getting the tire to dry seal, deflate, add sealant, reinflate, swirl it all around, check for leaks, a little more swirling to plug the leaks, and ta da!

I checked this morning, holding pressure fine, did a little swirling before work, tonight I drop the pressure and ride!

If it rains I’ll get to see if the sticky rubber makes a difference.

When I bounced around on the HD Super G when it was tubed, it felt a lot stiffer than the regular HD, which is why I figured it would be fine tubeless.

Next I think I’ll go tubeless on my 29" Oracle wheel with a Knard :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone need a used Hans Dampf 29 x 2.35? Trade ya for an Ardent 2.4 :slight_smile:

What do you want the Ardent for? Just curious, prolly missed it somewhere.

I think a 32in tire

Yup, I have one newish Ardent 26 x 2.4, need a set so I can start cutting…

I’d prefer to have a matched set, same style and wear pattern, the 26 and 29 are different…

I could also sell my HD, it’s bout 70% life, no damage, Pacestar long lasting rubber, folding bead, anyone?

I think the Knard is going on the 29er wheel next, if the fit is not crazy tight in the Oracle frame, I may keep it there and get a second Knard for the Oregon.