Still riding my old Summit...any other riders left out there?

My Summit 20" :slight_smile: i love it still, what a tank. i’ll post a picture later.

any other summit riders left out there?

I dont think there’s alot of people that rides their summit anymore. but if you want to post post them in Post Your Unis Here! or in Custom Kris Holm Unicycles.

I still have a Summit and ride it regularly. I mostly just ride it though, no jumpy/hoppy trials stuff for me.

I have a brand new, unridden, tire never touched the ground Summit down in my basement. I’ve had 5 or so different Summits. I think they are great bulletproof trials cycles. They may be a bit on the heavy side, but I think the whole “my unicycle is 6 ounces lighter than yours” is overrated. You take a good drink of water and you add more weight than that.

Also, on a summit make sure you “denub” them.

I ride with nubs. You just have to learn where not to put your ankles.

‘JamesPotter’ probably still has his summit.

are they like the 04 Kris Holm unis? they look similar.

The frames are summit and really similar to the 04 KH and I think the rest is KH.

yeah, the frames are slightly different by the look of it. thats what got me a little confused.

I think I readed somewhere on the forums that the summit frame was a prototype of the 04 KH that Kris decided to change but they builted them anyway and maked another kind of unicycles. but I’m not sure if this is the real story but I heard something like that.

I think I would buy a summit if it was new or in good condition.


Well if local Seattle rider Preston doesn’t snap it up (he’s test riding it now), I’ll post it in Trading Post and we may have a deal. I bought it new, have ridden it maybe a total of 10-12 times at Gas Works Park, and about the only thing that’s beat up at all on it is the front of the seat handle from falling so much.


I’m willing to sell the unridden one I have. It’s been denubbed by a machinist.

How much would we be talking.


I have one like the orange w/black stripe one posted by pdc. It has brake bosses, too, but for regular cantis not maggies. I’d get rid of it, but my kids dig it out every so often to play on it, and my youngest (almost 12) has just learned to ride, and it will make an acceptable muni for him to start out on.

It’s a durable machine, that’s for sure.

More than it’s probably worth by some standards. $300 That’s about what I paid for it.

How much do you think shipping would be to 73064?


USPS is usually cheapest.
Probably about $20 parcel post and about $35 priority.

I’ll undercut on that price, but you’ll have to de- your own nubs. :smiley: