Custom Kris Holm Unicycles

Since there was a custom Koxx one unicycles thread I thought I would start a custom kris holm unicycles thread.

Here you can post your Custom KH unicycles or just regular KH unicycles.

Since I just got mine…I will start.


heres one

my uni 3.BMP (913 KB)

heres one more

my uni.BMP (913 KB)

These aren’t mine, they are from Darren Bedford.

This one is mine (but now has KH moment hub/cranks instead of koxx)

I like the look of that uni with the flames and death grip handle. It just looks mean.

I have been thinking about getting a KH and getting it powder coated yellow, but that yellow bedford/kh looks awesome. I’ll have to look into it.

Spencer your Orange uni is sick! And even better with the moment hub and cranks. I dont really like the look of the deathgrip on that saddle i think the deathgrip looks better on a KH Fusion Street saddle…But very nice!

I have a standard KH20 and KH29… I don’t think theres any need for pics :roll_eyes: but…

and i don’t think i have any pics ofmy kh29 yet :frowning:

I’ve got the KH frame.

I since this pic have put CrankBros. pedals on it that are silver with the black plates…

My costum Kris Holm unicycle.

what kind of pedals are those, cause they are PIMP!!!

i didnt know they had costom khs.thats cool.iwant this one custom kox one that has a neon green rim and a white frame with a black and white camo seat.its my dream uni:)

how do you guys afford these?

You buy the kh and then when it gets scratched you powder coat it.

SARIN that is a sexy uni i love white frames and the rimtape makes it even nicer.

Lutz i like the black and red also almost as nice as the white

Those are two of the nicest looking kh’s i have seen.

I did everything my mom told me not to in life… :roll_eyes:
I tattoo people for a living. I work many hours a week, and it doesn’t stop when I get home. I have to put in a SH*Tload of prep time into drawings in my off time, but I guess it’s worth it 'cause I’m one of the best in the midwest at what I do. I don’t wanna seem like I’m bragging, but I hope it’s an inspiration to some of you to do what you love.

I’ll never forget something that my dad told me when I was younger. He told me to find something that I like to do and am passionate about, and I’ll find a way to make money at it, and be successful. I guess it worked because I can now charge $130-150 per hour for my work.

Way more than my mom…:stuck_out_tongue:


Buying a unicycle once in a while is nothing compared to daily life as a 30 year old single dad with a 4 year old child.

I just had a dental bill for him 6 months ago that was $1200.00USD. His child care is over $800 per month, and my apt rent is $900 per month. The list goes on…it sucks.

Kiss your parents ass for as long as you can…take out the garbage without being told, do the dishes, mop all the floors twice, and live rent free for as long as you can. Sock as much $ away as you can so you don’t have to work very hard later on.

and don’t get a girl pregnant…ever!

I think that’s it!:wink:

oh, and another thing…be very glad that most of you turds live in Canada where healthcare is free.:slight_smile: It’d cost me about $800 per month just for my kid and I…with a healthy deductible.

My Dad has drilled alot of that into me already and Im glad he has because I know alot of people including some of my mates that are throwing there lives away.

at least you found something you’re good at and can make decent money doing. I know a lot of people I used to be friends with in school that are in your situation minus the ambition to make it and have a job that puts food on the table. I pity them but realize that they put themselves there at the same time. Seems that you have personal motivation to do well going in your favor which is the most important thing. Oh yeah, I’ll post pictures later of my custom KH

I believe they are Wellgos Gold B77 pedals

And here’s my custom KH

There’s Jess Riegel and some(one) french guy on the background I believe.