Muschi Deluxe

Flash Deluxe…did he name it that or something :D?

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :D:D:D
edit: yah adrien named it flash deluxe.

Powdercoated from 2M.

See pic:

It looks awesome…shame I can never think of all these awesome colour combinations cause I dont want to copy. Still wont be toom uch copying if I just got a green frame without the fluo yellow at the bottom. Even though thats like the best part;)
Looks so beautiful…so tempting to copy. Must resist!

The “Flash Deluxe” will be availiable this autumn as limited edition via and maybe also other dealers worldwide :smiley:

Custom Kris Holm Unicycles post 1319. It’s the flash deluxe, It’s so awsome, why he only rode it in two clips in the video?

Cool although I will probably just make it myself since if they are going to sell it, it means they want to share it. So Ill try and make a close replica :smiley:

haha, i did that, but didnt wanna be the first person to say it.
the world needs more uni girls…

Well there’s plenty, they just don’t make videos(And they mostly do freestyle).

Yeah there were a few at NAUCC lol (pat, pele and eli know!) haha :smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha yes i know. That was nice :wink:

hahahahah man i can’t wait for next year already! haha so awesome!


There were some pretty babealicious babes there, weren’t there Kartch? :stuck_out_tongue:

After watching the first (and 2nd) time I noticed that the 1080 clip is cut early. After watching it again it does look like his landing was sketchy.

Just going to point that out there. I bet he can do 1080s without a drop or gym floor, but it doesn’t look like he landed the one in the video.
Anyone agree or am I crazy from all the amazing videos lately…

I would have to agree with that statement pele! haha :smiley: “pretty babealicious babes” Exactly what I was thinking haha :wink:

Yeah your right i don’t know if he did or didn’t land it but it does look sketchy.

Edit: I guess he might have got it clean if he caught the seat tight. I’m not sure. He’s insane no matter what.


thanks guys . next video comes soon :stuck_out_tongue:

haha they were mostly from pele’s club at naucc. At least the ones I saw the most of.