Custom Kris Holm Unicycles

Yes they are the same than the Welgo but my sponsor Point Racing gave them to me. I think he is something like the importeur for europe for them or something.

Ok, here is mine custom KH
I call it: “The Orange Holm”

Weight: 5365grams

Peter M

Hmmmm I would say mine is the Orange Holm but okay…

yours might be more orange, but he had his first. and if anyone gets the orange holm name after him it would be spencer. or you could all call your unis the orange holm.

i dont have a custom KH or anything but i bought my qu-ax w/ my own money. i dont buy nik-nacky crap that porvide instant gratification. i save, save, save and then buy the stuff that i really want. like all my b*ke parts, i just bought my i pod and so on. if u work and save, the things u want will come. but i cant buy anything now cuz im saving for a truck.

Yes that is true…

I think Niles was the first one with an orange kh frame.
I am not claiming any uni names;)

I don’t have A KH unicycle but I have the fusion street seat and I customized it with the yellow Qu-ax bumpers instead of the black bumpers,

I call it… The blue holm

koxx rim, or just painted blue?

I like Niles’ Orange Holm most… its just looks so sexy

And Probailer, I don’t know if you realised but yours is very similar (apart from seatpost) to Mike Swarbicks

dude where did u get it

those are the same unis…


That is MY unicycle, before the small upgrades.
He was so “impressed” by the look, that he posted some pictures I send to him on this forum.
Realy funny stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhm, I called it the “Orange Holm” because of the K1 uni “Orange bud”.
That one only has a orange rim and orange clamp.
So that’s where I kinda got the name from.
But mine is a beter, non drugs version :wink:

Peter M

Ohh pfff. Mine looks better than yours! :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn… I really should read the posts first - I just knew Id seen the uni before :stuck_out_tongue:

THat kinda looks like mine

I’m customizing two KH uni’s now, still waiting on various parts and trying to strip colour from frame and rim, which really takes a long time.

Has anyone else ever stripped a rim and re-painted one could do with some time cutting tips.

Pics will be ready and up as soon as at least one is ready.

i’m pretty sure rims are anodised, so theres no point in stripping them, just go on top.

Nitromors (paint stripper) will do little to take off anodizing. So use caustic soda to remove anodized colours from parts.

Those horrid looking fluo colours Koxx do are however, powdercoated, so yes, they can be stripped with paint stripper.