Folding / take down / traveling wheels

Testing my folding rim. Echo 622 x 46 mm.


Hold the rim good together?

If bought a rim for 10€ new and it’s hold a 80 cm high drop into the Flat. But I never see that!! That’s a nice idea you can you uni so dismounting for a travel that’s possible to go into the train or flight and it’s a small package. That’s pretty nice :relaxed:.

It’s neat for sure; but isn’t it more work than what’s worth the trouble? :thinking:

I don’t get how that would work with the spokes?

Every rim has a slit, although single one. It is opposit of inflator fitting. Two ends of rim profile fixed together by using two sleel rods, about 50 mm length each. The idea is, if there is one cut already, why there can’t be more?


Reminds me of Saskatchewanians build from years back, very innovative. You have done a great job. Also I bet you can lace it up in 20 minute or less!

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"Also I bet you can lace it up in 20 minute or less! "
No, I can’t. I can disassembly in 20 min., but to assambly, it takes not less an hour, in case if all goes well and without coffe break. Meanwhile, it is not so long work.

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Oh come on now, with practice you can do it! We have faith.

Even if it takes two hours to assemble, that’s still worth the money you would save if trying to transport a full size uni via airlines. Not sure where you transport to and from though.

I can’t help but think you might want to use Berd Spokes. Also makes me think of Penny Farthing Dan’s folding penny:

P.S. and yes I want one of those so that I can bring an entire penny farthing on my travels.

P.P.S. Maybe one of the unicycle manufacturers could copy this concept and make a commercially available big wheeled, “travel” unicycle? :thinking:


The perfect solution for transporting bigger wheeled unis! Now, how much would it cost?


Actually we do not even need a whole travel uni, just “travel wheels” that could be purchased. This would have flexible (Berd) spokes and rims that can come apart and be easily fitted back together, like on that penny.

@rogeratunicycledotcom thoughts? :wink:

Yes exactly, cause having to always spoke and true the wheel was going to be the pain IMO so this is the way to go!

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Now, how much would it cost?

I mean the full travel penny is expensive ( $9,600🇦🇺) but this is because all the stuff Dan does is hand made, bespoke.

You know, since he does all kinds of custom stuff (e.g. I have seen him mention smaller wheel pennys) he might be willing to make a travel wheel for a unicycle along these lines. He is in your neck of the woods @Gockie… well at least the same (very large) country. If you really did want one, perhaps contact him explain exactly what you would need and get a quote. :wink:

P.S. If you (or anyone else here) did contact him, I would love to hear what he had to say.

:thinking:Maybe a mod should split the last handful of comments into its own discussion titled “foldable wheels” or something?

done. Suggestions for better title appreciated.

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Hey, you are right about him being in my neck of the woods, I’ll Google. Also slightly off topic, watching the second video, I was surprised the sun/weather stayed quite constant throughout. But I noticed his sandals so figured it wasn’t cold in any way.

Yes, perfectly possible, but the spokes cost a lot and going from I have heard about Dan’s travel Penny Farthing is that it has added quite a bit of weight to it… although TBH I am not sure how.

Can this rim be bought? Do you have a link for it?