traveling 36er, take down wheel.

I have decided I need to buy a Nimbus Nightfox when I get back home to Canada which makes my take down traveling 36er redundant. She is really quite an interesting mongrel mix of parts. Nothing real flash but everything very sturdy and functional while being reasonably light, the perfect traveling unicycle.

Here she is in pieces:

Here she is built up in Canada, ready for the trip:

In Uzbekistan:

In New Zealand:

I was training to take it to Germany but my recall for work back home came earlier than expected. Ah well, such is life. I am currently in New Zealand about two hours north of Christchurch, flying home sometime in early/mid March.

The stats:


2008? KH36 frame, Magura mounts removed but not really smoothed out. custom silver grey powdercoat. minimal material removed near the bearing holders to make it work with a schlumpf hub and Mountain Uni brake on SINZ cranks, also clearanced for KH Spirit cranks.


48 hole Numbus hub

Coker rim, outer wall drilled, inner wall intact, cut into three equal parts with brass pins press-fit to each section to allow for disassembly. It will come with a couple extra pins.

Coker spokes with the thread extended since they were a bit short to build 3X but without enough thread to build 2X. They build 3X fine with long nipples.

Box of fresh long brass nipples.

Wheel TA tire that was carved into a checkerboard pattern. I have had this tire for a while but have mostly been riding my various frankentires and/or prototype Todd, so it has lots of life left in it. Is very smooth on the road, sheds mud well, is very tough (4 ply), all while being lighter than a nightrider. This is the only component left from my fist 36er I used for RTL.

Foss tube, I believe it has 2 patches but can’t remember for sure. It can come with extra patches if you want.

Note: The wheel is currently laced with 24 spokes in a hybrid lacing pattern that matches the spoke length nearly perfectly making the wheel build much easier. I can stand on either side of the wheel and bounce with minimal flex, there is more flex in the frame than wheel. It is absolutely bombproof with 48 spokes. I weigh about 185 lbs.

Cranks: KH Spirit 137/110 and/or 150/127

Shimano Deore XT M775 calliper and leaver. semi-metalic pads replaced with resin pads for better modulation and reduce noise.
Avid 180mm rotor
Nimbus D’brake

Other stuff
Electron Nukeproof pedals

2 saddles + seatposts

KH Freeride with slightly modified foam (slightly wider channel in centre, slightly narrowed waist. Very comfortable)
KH adjustable 27.2mm seatpost cut to ~200mm

WTB saddle on a Kalloy 27.0mm seatpost cut to ~200mm. Even though the the seatpost is 0.2mm undersized it still clamps well in the frame.

Custom handle made from a road bike frame, a cut double bolt clamp, the back section of a T7, some nice square tube bar ends, wrapped in innertube rubber and [hockey] stick-tape. The main boom is powdercoated to match the frame.

Salsa fliplock quick-release seatpost clamp.


I am hopping to get $750 for the package. That is considerably less than a new KH and includes a good disk brake (about $100 new on e-bay) D’brake, second set of Spirit cranks, very sturdy handle, second saddle if you are into using a bike saddle for road rides (they way to go as far as I am concerned), and last but not least a 36" wheel that breaks down so you can make the whole unicycle fit into a bundle the height of the frame and the width of the saddle. This has been a “well loved” unicycle; everything has been maintained and is mechanically sound but there are plenty of nicks and dings.

If you don’t want parts and pieces you can take $50 off the price for the bike seat/post, $50 for either/each set of Spirit cranks, $50 for the brake, $50 for the handle, we could discuss other components if you want to strip it down further. I am not planning on selling pieces separately.

If you want the wheel only (hub, rim, spokes, nipples, tire and tube) I think $300 for the wheel would be fair.

As always buyer pays shipping. I will make every effort to ensure it is as cheep as possible while still being well protected. Paypal is preferred but I am open to other payment methods. As well all prices are not final and I am open to offers but don’t be offended if I reject them.

I can take more pictures if anyone wants to see anything specific and can answer any reasonable question about the unicycle either on this thread or PM.



I’ll take the wheel.

I can’t believe you’re selling it. My heart would bleed to do so if I had built it. So why are you giving up airplane capability for a nightfox? What is the advantage of the nightfox? Couldn’t you have used the take town wheel with the nightfox frame?

Would you be shipping from New Zealand, or are you bringing the uni back to Canada?

The hub’s spacing is 100mm, the Nightfox’ is listed as 127mm.

Also the nightfox frame isn’t sold separately as far as I know.

Email to me from UDC: “The Nightfox frames will be on our April container. Check back the beginning of April for an ETA.”

That’s a fairly small distinction with this wheel since the hub comes out every time it is packed. The flange spacing has much less to do with the spoke length than the diameter. As such I suspect swapping the hub for a wide version would work. Can you get a super wide Nimbus ISIS 48h hub?

Jack: I was hopping to sell it here in New Zealand, possibly ship it to Australia etc. Saying that it is also easy to bring home and I am currently talking with a guy who is interested in California. I might be flying to California instead of Canada in April, buying a car and driving it home, so it is possible that I could ship it from within the states as well.

For those asking why I am selling this: I want a Nightfox, I have too many unicycles as it is, I don’t need 2 complete 36ers.

I can always take a hack saw to the Nightfox wheel… In fact I can’t see the wheel staying stock for long once I have my hands on it.

With the Nightfox frame I think I can make my fat 36er, as well as attempt to make my own big-wheel.


I am leaving New Zealand in two weeks, going directly home to Canada (Boo, no side trip to Germany to ride at Dusseldorf :()

It will still be for sale once I get back home to Canada, possibly with a wider choice of parts once I see what I have. If nobody buys this I might just put a Schlumpf in to finally experience a G36.

If anyone is interested PM me.

UDC in the U.S lists a Nimbus ISIS 48h hub, but the bearing spacing is 100mm.

I sent a PM, never heard back. PM me, thanks!

Sorry, I am caught up on PMs now, I am not sure how I missed yours. :o

Would you be willing to sell the custom touring bar?

I am not going to sell parts and pieces (except the wheel) separate from the whole unicycle, in fact I am starting to think that once I get home I would still like to sell the wheel but keep the rest for a G32.

So if someone wants to buy the whole enchilada they have less than two weeks to make a deal. It’s $550 for the basic unicycle (one saddle, one set of cranks, no handle, no brake) add $50 for each extra you want (second saddle, second set of spirit cranks, brake, handle)

Or $300 for the wheel with tire and tube. That is the only part that will still be for sale when I get home at this point. I would be willing to go a bit cheeper on the wheel if sold before I leave New Zealand.