Custom Koxx-One Unicycles

Renegade Juggling is awesome for letting customers “build their own” Koxx-One unis. I just got mine today! This thread is for riders to post pictures and descriptions of their Koxx-One setups.

Here’s mine:

White Russian 20" Frame
Gold 19" Light Rim
Try-All Tire
Isis Reinforced Hub
Standard Spokes
Black Rim Tape
Isis Street 135mm Cranks
Black Label Pedals
Pit Fighter Seat Post
2 Bolts Gold Seat Post Clamp
Gold Gel Saddle

my custom devil is coming tomarrowbut i dont know how to get pictures up because i suck at using computers

Thats a rad unicycle, how much do those go for and are they for trial?

I use Image Shack…just go to and upload them from your computer, then you can put them in the forum using the little icon that looks like mountains with a sun and the direct link to the image from Image Shack.

Base price for a Devil Original is $395 from I upgraded mine though. The Street Cranks were an extra $40. The Pit Fighter Seat Post was an extra $30. The gel saddle was an extra $10. After shipping and all that mine was just under $520.

wow, that frame has like no clearance! Oh well, have fun with your awesome uni! :smiley:

This is what i think mine is going to look like

i will have the real pics tomarrow

Nice frame choice!

As for the clearance, the less the better, as long as it’s not rubbing!

I ordered a stock devil from renegade about a month ago but there was a delay because the frames would not fit. So somone from renegade called and he let me pick whatever colors i wanted. i chose the white frame because i didnt want to have to use shims and this looks better than the normal devil. i

i went on ms paint and tried to edit the picture so i could kind of see what it might look like

oh, and thanks for telling me how to get pictures on here so i can put the pictures on tomarrow

Welcome, I did the same thing. He told me black frame with shims or the White Russian or the Orange Bud. When I talked to Bob at Renegade, he said he had about 10 orders waiting to ship because of the frames.


I sold this one a few weeks ago to a customer.
I like the gold/white combinations :slight_smile:



Yeah no clearance is good until you tweak the rim just a little bit and it starts rubbing. But it should hold up pretty good considering its a top quality unicycle. I had a little beginner unicycle and after the first month of riding the rim was rubbing, and all I was doing was jumping of curves.


KH street saddle
Onza reinforced seatpost
Koxx gold double bolted seatclamp
Koxx DH Frame
Koxx Gold rim
Try-All tyre
Koxx Splined cranks
Plastic pedals

koxx unicycles are so cool. How much did they cost, do they cost more custom?

Those uni’s are sweet, but the clearence on that first unicyle is almost nothing.

Why is that a “but”? Thats one of the best features of the frames.

When they get a lil bit of mud on they rub like thuggers… thats why I have a KH20 :smiley: :sunglasses:

thats a blatant lie. I have gotten my tire caked in mud and cement, affected my riding in no way what so ever. Have you even rode a Koxx-one? If not dont bash them, i hate it that people bash koxx unis all the time. I ride my uni for hours a day and LOVE it. Koxx might have its flaws, but those flaws are in the personnel, not the unis.

Yeah…I’m not riding my K-1 in the mud. I think I’m going to trade my 20" DX for a 24" DX for rough terrain. Plenty of tire clearance with a DX! It’s absurdly ugly.

I sure have ridden one, three of my mates have them and if they get wet mud on the tires then they rub on the frame. Obviously yours is different. I never '‘bash’'ed them, I just critised the minimal clearance on the frame/tire.