My New custom kOXX

Thanks, and i believe i payed $467.34 or something like that. Although I didn’t pay anything…cuz it was technically a gift. giggles I just want to see how the drilled rim holds up.

that is a FLY uni, man.
take good care of that.


I’m not really a fan of white/blue color schemes, but this looks nice :roll_eyes:

if i was you i would stick a Maxxis Creepy Crawler on it. its much better to wheelwalk on and it looks better

thats is what i would do though :smiley:

Haha Haha…

Nice uni man. Don’t listen to that one kid about the tire. Try-all tires are really good

You should have stuck it in here though

joins in on the pointing and laughing

lol…funny guy

Thats what I would have thought, tho the tire has an arrow with the word rotation pointing the way he has it. If thats not what the arrow and word mean, well they fooled me. Tho I have wondered what would change if you flipped it around. I think it would roll better backwards, but girp better forwards… I asked in the tire thread, no one aswered.

ya, i just have it the way the arrow is pointing. Im perdy sure that’s how it goes. hehe…Its a big improvement from the torker Lx hahaha. I can almost 540 unispin in her and ive only been practicing on it for a couple days. yeehee! Im soo itchin to ride it outside when the snow goes. There’s so many more new things i can do compared to just having my Muni.

i love the white spokes w/ the rim, looks very nice!

is everyone “laughing” b/c the try-all is better?(srry if i should know this)

That’s strange… on my friend’s koxxs the tyre is the other way around, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if they had it on wrong :thinking:

well they are laughing because the CC is one of the worst trials tires.

All you guys are laughing at his opinion on something, I’m sure I could find somebody elses opinion and mock it, I think you’re being a bit harsh …

Jamie said he liked it more for wheelwalking and it looked better - that aint trials.

WOW i love KOXX-ONE :wink:

@ jamessd

musketman said he would be using the uni for trials and street

yes your right wwalking isnt trials but thats what musketman is using the unifor

jamie also said

and that made people laugh because most people dont like the CC

As soon as Sponge posted that thread about tires, everyone hates the CC now.

I still love mine. I dont fold it, I dont pinch with it, I grip on everything, and it bounces fine.

Even when comparing what rubber compounds tires are made of, it still comes down to preference. I could try the try-all tire and hate the bounce on it, and how it feels, but im not going to say its a sucky tire, its just not the right tire for me.


I wouldn’t have dared to say that as everybody would have…

Well, you can fill that bit in.

Even if it makes people laugh, it doesn’t mean that that needs to be broadcasted over an internet forum, where people shouldn’t be judged.

what rim are you using? ill bet your using a kh rim, anyone who doesnt have the superwide kh rim hates the cc caus of the folding…the only ppl that seem to like the cc are kh owners, i dont hate it but i tried a tryall once and it was nicer, IMO, but then again it was on a k1 blueberry