Post your flatland/street uni's here

Idk if there are other threads for this but post your flat or street uni’s here!

A couple of older threads have lots of street unicycles in them:

Custom Koxx-One Unicycles
But it’s always nice to see more, including ones that don’t fit either of those categories.

Thanks for the fast reply,
Ummm, Since Koxx is now out of business I am not too interested in them but thanks for the KH thread…
I’m trying to start a new thread because I can only find old ones…

Also interest in seeing some Impacts as I am getting a reagent…

Hey I’ve got one of those :):

Hey, how do you like it?
Im getting this one but with eiffel cranks…


So far pretty good for mine. I’m still basically a beginner so I haven’t pushed it too hard yet, but I was starting to hop and jump enough that it was a matter of time before my first cheapie uni broke. The Reagent will handle anything I can do. I got the version with the 20" Kris Holm wheel and the Nimbus Venture cranks. Several others on this forum got the same one. It looks like they’ve taken the listing down off the UDC site but it was a crazy good deal at the Black Friday price. I guess there isn’t much from Impact to it besides the frame.

One snag that a couple of us are seeing is that the pedals like to unthread themselves if you do a lot of backwards riding. I’ve just been checking and retightening them and haven’t tried Loctite yet, so maybe that will fix it.

I like the look of the Groovy cranks. I would have gotten those if I could have gotten the KH wheel with them. I don’t know anything about the Eiffels good or bad. The Ventures seem plenty strong, maybe even too strong for the pedal threads to bite in or something, but flatlanders might think they’re too narrow for tricks.

Oh, there was one after all:
Custom Impact unicycles

Funny that someone just bumped it. I didn’t remember that one.

That’s a wise choice, those cranks have steel inserts!

I’ll post a pic when I get it

Many of the best ISIS cranks have steel inserts, so it seems to be widely recognized that steel threads make better pedal sockets. Is there a reason why nobody makes simple, low-cost steel cranks just like these, but for ISIS hubs instead of square taper?

Talk to a company, we could get someone to make something like that

I think it’s because if you want to go low cost you might as well go for square taper. ISIS is an expensive system, I think the manufactures see no reason to make cheap cranks for it.

But they do make cheap ISIS cranks! Those Qu-ax cranks are $10 at UDC right now, pure aluminum. They don’t stay screwed to the pedals as well as steel, and once they loosen, they get stripped almost instantly.

Today I destroyed a Qu-ax crank by riding down the same flight of stairs that I used to on my Savage. The cheap steel cranks on that Savage held up beautifully, even though I weigh 185. As I mentioned elsewhere, you could also tighten the pedals onto them so they wouldn’t loosen even from riding backwards. You could remove the pedals later, put them back on, etc., without ever having a problem. I was worried that my Savage would fall apart, and its frame was held together with hose claps, but the cranks seemed like they would be the last thing to go. If somebody made ISIS cranks like those, I would buy them in a second.

United cranks are pretty weak. Quax lightweight cranks are stiffer, and less likely to bend. Bent cranks are a pain. I don’t know why you are so hung up on the pedal threads. Steel inserts, and aluminum cranks both have a hard time when you ride backwards a lot. When the Wright Brothers put lh threads on the left side of bicycles it was because they had a nasty habit of loosening while riding. Unfortunately, unicycles go in both directions, and that makes it a bit harder to engineer a solution. You should look into all of the threads where the lock ring fell off and the steel inserts were unscrewing. Granted it has gotten better, but the root of the problem is installation and maintenance.

Can we maybe get back to posting uni’s if that’s ok?

Back on topic

Here’s my new little wheel. This was right after I got it a couple of weeks ago. It’s a bit dirtier now:)

Impact Reagent, KH Flat Wheel, I took off the Onza tire it came with and swapped it for a CST Operative 2.25 (measures bigger on the KH rim).

Heads-up to anyone who recently acquired this wheelset: Today mine started making weird noises whenever I idled with both feet or shifted into reverse gear. Don’t panic, just get a small piece of candle wax and rub a tiny bit of it on the places where the spokes cross over each other.

I have my uni but how do I post a picture? I haven’t had internet so I couldn’t post at all