Custom Koxx-One Unicycles

yeahi kinda went off quick on you sorry, but like i siad before ALOT of people judge koxx really quickly

to give an example…

Why would you be riding a street/flatland unicycle in mud anyway? Thats what a muni is for. Thats like complaining that your freestyle unicycle gives you no traction when you are riding in snow.

au contraire

I used to own Devil frames in the past, they are fine for those who aren’t so fussy. But, the clearance with tyre is pretty small and sure is crap for riding through muddy woods in. Mud clogs up and ends up being jammed into the massive hole at the bottom of the seattube causing some dirt/grit/water to get into the frame tubes= internal rusting.

Not bad frames at all, but I was very disappointed with the quality of devil frames. Not a single one is flawless, for example they sometimes have ever so slightly misaligned legs if you look down on the frame (XTPs sometimes have this problem too).

On the plus side, they’re strong(ish) and not that heavy for a burly steel frame. Arthur Caron broke a frame in 2 months, and some other people have broken 'em relatively quickly too, but I suppose this is down to some of the sloppy manufacturing seen in these frames.

i just got a devil in the mail today, nothing special just different colors and 125 cranks. but i will just post pictures tomarrow morning

Say you were doing some trials… and it started to rain, and you were landing on some soft turf/grass/mud :roll_eyes:

if it rains, you’ll have much more worrying things than abit tiny bit of mud. Wet wood for example is really dangerous especially when gapping.

And yeah the tyre clearance is quite small on the devil frames but i wouldnt say it has ever bothered me. I mean it can clog up (you really have to be going in ALOT of mud or for veyr long distances (who would go distance on a 19" anyways?)

plus its not as if its hard to get ur finger in there and take the bulk off. As for the tyre rubbing on it, mine is fine and my rim has got a nice buckle in it. (well did the kind bike shop man took it out (mostly))

they are nice frames for the price and pretty light compared to the quax steel frames which are like 1kg.

The devil unicycle i just got was making noises and i found where its coming from but dont know what to do. between the bearings and the cranks is a black ring that is moving from one side to the other, is this normal

Well if you want to start replacing parts then just get a nimbus or bedford frame and have plenty of clearance.

Thats my uni!
It was a Devil gold edition.

  • Carbon seat with green camo skin
  • White frame
  • gold rim
  • Kpro stimulatorz pedals

Both my firends koxxs do this, its to do with the spacers… and thats all I can give you, you probably need another one or something to fill the gap.

Thats a tad pedantic. If its muddy then its muddy, and there’s no denying that the frames on my friends’ K1s do get clogged up, maybe yours doesn’t and i’m not saying manufacturing variations don’t exist. Anyone would be silly to do trials on slippery objects.

So is the cover removable like the Kris Holm fusion cover, if not how did you get it to stay on the CF base?

I bought the green camo seat, took the cover of it and stick (at the sides) it on the CF base.
No its not removable!
sry for my bad english, I´m german! :o

So did you glue it on? How tight is it?

Yes I glue it on.
I make a picture of it!

That would be great! :slight_smile:

That´s a picture of the cover and the CF base!

Carbon Kleber.jpg

you could just put some grommets in it and make it removable. :slight_smile:

Looks good, was it hard to get the cover off the plastic seat without ripping it? What kind of glue did you use?