Custom Koxx-One Unicycles

I used pattex, a strength adhesive (google translate lol), get off the cover was easy, just put the clasps out and take it off!


may be interesting, a friend translated the manual for upgrading a KH seat with a cf base.
Check here …



That was great, should be very helpful. My main question for Jack was how he managed to reuse a non-drawstring cover.

Roland, I think you should post that manual in its own thread in the Rec forum, I’m sure a lot of people who may not see it in this thread could find it useful.


My Uni (Molly)

koxx one white widow frame
koxx one CrMO seatpost
koxx one gold edition seat
koxx one white 2 bolt seatclamp
koxx one white drilled rim
koxx one reinforced hub
koxx one 135mm street cranks
mosh pedals 14 gauge spokes

it looks like an alu seat post for me not a crmo, koxx don’t sell crmo seat post…

is there website based in the US where I can buy Koxx 1 parts?
would a koxx frame fit on my KH wheelset and bearing?
Koxx one has so much more style than KH unis


Sweet setup, I’m possibly considering something very similar, how much did that cost you if you dont mind me asking?

Yeah I got a uni from renegade. It’s nothing special because I’m not super rich or anything but it gets the job done. I don’t need to tell you whats on it because I assume if your reading this you have eyes…so use them.

Guess im silly then…

Well each to their own!!

Btw if you look at this koxx seat you may see what I mean about the different shape, more curved:

And the KH is longer and flatter:

Koxx has got a ultra thin luxury saddle.
I think that this saddle is like the KH street saddle!
Or not?

uhm the koxx luxury is 20g lighter…

not sure which is flatter, someone should post a picture of a fusion street like this one to compare.

heres a pic of the street fusion for comparison

They look different but I dont think they are. I have my Seat placed back, so the front is curved up, and the back is flat, just like the Koxx seats look. If I move the angle a little, it will look like the picture Brendon took.

Nice! I’da gone with the fluo green seat post clamp if they had it, but it looks good, how do you like it?

this is my devil from renegade, everything from the original devil but different colors and 125 cranks. i ordered a 400mm seat post because the stock ones look really small

i actually didnt like the seat so i switched it with my nimbus x seat. the sides of the koxx seat seamed really rough on the legs where it is stitched.

renegade was out of the green clamp but i didnt care

everything is fine but i am having a problem. the black spacers between the crank and hub just slide around and the same on the other side. does yours do the same thing?

So Boz, did that cost the base 395 or did they charge extra for switching colors?