Check out the uni!!

Just barely about a week ago painted and wire brushed down my koxx-one devil. i had to wait for the kris holm seat to come though so here it is! tell me wat you think of it

Very nice indeed!

You should also post it here:

Nice uni. Since you can make a side by side comparison…How much more does the K1 saddle curve then the KH? I’ve been thinking about purchasing one of the two.

the k1 saddle curves a little more than the kh. not by much though. the k1 has alot more padding in it but after riding the two i like the kh way better.

Very awesome colors, sweet uni.

I hope you clear coated the seat tube of the frame. Otherwise you will be seeing some rust.

yeah hes my buddy :slight_smile:
i made sure he clear coated it

he also has a pretty sick trials course in his back yard.