New unicycle

I have a Torker 20’’ LX and I’m wondering if getting a better unicycle would help much for trials. I’m probably just past begginer. I jump around with stairs and drops at a school near me. I’ve had my unicycle for a little more than a year and the one I have sort of just feels like it doesn’t take impact very well for longer drops and I’m wondering if a better unicycle could help that at all. If so could you give me some that would be the next step up. Thanks.

Get the 20’’ Torker DX or the Kris Holm 20’’ trials. I think the DX is cheaper, at around 240 dollars, I have the 20’’ DX and it’s a great strong unicycle. I recomend it.

a trials tire would help (dont work with a lx), and if the parts are breaking you need something better but the tire is the only really noticable difference.

I would recommend a DX if you are on a budget, but i f your willing to spend a little bit more go with a Koxx-One devil. They cost $395 and you can customize the way it looks Take a look here to see a few k1 unis. Koxx-One are sold by Renegade Juggling which is located in Santa Cruz California and this is their website.

are K1 unis good for trials?

certian K1 uni’s are better than other for trials, but they are fairly good unicycles.

kind of misleading, base price for a koxx one devil is $395, customization is extra. I would say get a DX or hold out for the new 07 nimbus trials if you’re on a budget.

true, but not much. 10 dollars a saddle, no charge for rim $20 for frame

EDIT: Yes magixause k1 unis are good for trials.

In a bike store I saw a DX and the tire was so much bigger than the one I have now and the pictures of the Koxx 1’s have a lot larger tires. It just looks so much different. Do the larger tires help in trials? How does the size of the tire make a difference?
sorry for all the dumb questions

no question is a dumb question(unless its been answered in a thread once, but yours hasn’t ;)) A trials tire is bigger so it can compress more, giving it spring. This allows you to hop higher.

Dx For A Big Guy

i’m a big guy and want to know if the dx would work if all i do is like two foot drops

the dx would work fine, I think I read on the rim no more than 350 lbs.
The seat post is plenty tall so it would fit.

I’m really thinking about getting the DX but I’ve heard lots of mixed fealings about it. I’ve heard that it’s heavy. Is it almost too heavy? On 20’’ Nimbus trials are a little more. Are they any better at all? Would I want to spend just a little more for one of them or how much of a difference is there between a KH because if it was a ton better I might be willing to save up some more money. Or is there any seperate parts I could buy that would make it pretty good. Because at this point jumping just a four stair feels like my LX is just gonna like collapse.

I say just save some more, and go for the best - it’s almost guaranteed that a KH20 wouldn’t let you down (according to opinions, and my personal experiences :smiley: )

I’ve got a Nimbus II Long Neck, KH20, and a Torker LX. I thought of getting rid of the LX, but realized that I like the LX for learning the wheel walk. I don’t trash the nimbus or kh that way. I have a strong sense of guilt when I see the nimbus or kh hit the ground since I am still learning.

DX is great for the price. It goes well with the LX because you can do stand up skills on the LX when you get tired of the DX. Might want to put some grip tape on top of the cross bar though.

Quax Crossfire,nimbus ISIS,Torker DX,KH

KH is more pricey though.

thats true

Nimus ISIS w/ KH cranks is good. its $50 more but i heard that it’s supposed to be realoly strong. It’s what I’m getting in 2 weeks or 2 months.

Nimus ISIS w/ KH cranks is good. its $50 more but i heard that it’s supposed to be realoly strong. It’s what I’m getting in 2 weeks or 2 months.