Best pictures of 2017 for World Unicycling Calendar

As has become tradition, let’s start a “Best pictures of 2017” thread.
Alas, I don’t have really amazing pictures myself to contribute but this one is kind of cute. Start of a 100m heat, age 0-10, in the Dutch Nationals 2017.

Also continuing the tradition from the last few years, I want to create again what I call the World Unicycling Calendar 2018, exclusively with pictures from 2017. The calendar will be available for free to anyone as a single downloadable pdf file to print a paper copy for yourself.
Previous calendars: 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017.

For the 2018 calendar, I will consider any pictures that get posted in this thread within the next, say, two weeks (whether they have been posted in another thread or not).

I will also browse through the “Pictures of your latest ride” thread for posts made in 2017, for additional pictures.

Those kids look really intense. That’s a fun picture.

My best pics from 2017:

Gorgeous pictures Makym!

In my original post, the link for 2017 was broken, and I cannot edit it anymore. These should all work though:
Previous calendars: 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017.

Arizona Trail

This year Corbin, Jamey and I rode the 800 miles long Arizona Trail. It took us 35 days to ride it self supported.
Here is my favorite picture from this amazing unipacking trip taken by Rob Bauer on his way to work (on the Arizona Trail).

Maks, great shots really. I have not much shots from this year. This is one of my favorites from my Wheel 4 Wheels challenge. Unfortunately it is in vertical.

Here are some NAUCC Freestyle pictures (note: vertical/portrait photos can be combined two to a page, or in other patterns):

2 are of Jana Wolfarth
The (2nd) girl riding crossover was doing quotes from the play Hamilton
The girl making the annoyed face was part of a well-acted character piece (funny!)

More pictures from NAUCC 2017 in Snoqualmie, WA:

  • Cyclocross racing;
  • Climbing up a bridge on the Seattle City Tour
  • Crossing a lock on the Seattle City Tour
  • Host Noli Ergas and friends heading back at the end of the Seattle City Tour
  • 10k riders and organizers on a bridge near the 10k race course
  • The coolest license plate I've ever seen!
  • Sumo workshop with the Panther Pride mascot (he's tougher than he looks)

Some random 2017 shots:

  • My Muni on the Salmon Falls Trail, El Dorado Hills, CA
  • My Muni posing with a giant Manzanita
  • My Muni posing along the Culvert Trail in Auburn, CA (similar to a shot near the back of Kris Holm's book)
  • My "Museum Collection" in our newer, more spacious garage
  • Andy Jennings riding on back roads open to bikes for the day, in Folsom, CA

Such excellent pictures!

That event in WA looks like it was a total blast.

Jim Sowers at Seattle Center

Mad Max and his 36er at the Space Needle

John playing sumo (video)

video for John Foss.

They always are. Unfortunately, that’s about as close as they get to your location; they’re usually in the Midwest. Next year will be in Michigan. I hope to go because that’s where I grew up, but it depends on the other trips, work, etc…

Nice hat! I think that may be the Space Needle equivalent of holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. BTW, thanks for the video! Not the most spectacular example of Sumo, but after all, it was a workshop…

Anyway, next batch of photos; NAUCC Trials and High Jump:
Unfortunately I don’t know these riders’ names :frowning:

My last set of chosen 2017 Calendar images; these are from our Last-Minute California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, put together by Ashley Foster:


  • Ashley Foster inside a tree, along Stevens Trail in Colfax, CA
  • Ashley again, along the "scenic" part of Stevens Trail
  • Me, posing in the entrance of an old gold mine also found along Stevens Trail (photo by Morgan Cable)
  • Our Stevens Trail group, high above the American River North Fork
  • And our even smaller group on Sunday's ride, many miles down along the same river on the Connector Trail in Auburn [/LIST]

  • Hey Tom! how about one of your pics ? (for instance in Versailles :p)

    i can’t decide.

    have fun to choose the best :slight_smile:

    Have downloaded all 18 of them. Stunning as always. Indeed there is a task ahead :slight_smile:

    I’m really not organized this year, and the forums just ate my response, but here are a few.









    A selection from the SINZ II Unicycle Tour