Weekend Rides, Daylesford/Hepburn region, Victoria Australia

I’m hoping to start a regular (maybe monthly, on a weekend) uni ride, taking in some of the great cross country/bush tracks around the Daylesford/Hepburn region (Victoria, Australia), also including surrounding towns.

An example would be a Sunday morning ride around Lake Daylesford, including heading to a few of the mineral springs nearby, ending up at a cafe on the lake for a caffeine fix. Another example might be trails through the Wombat Forest.

If anyone is interested, cool bananas! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a good idea:)

It’s been a while since I did any muni, it would be good to get back out into the bush again. Any idea when the first ride might be?

Hey, I did a day’s riding on the Great Dividing Trail, from Daylesford to Castlemaine. The bit right near Daylesford was a laugh, very technical in parts, although probably not a good weekend ride as I think it may officially be no cycling. The bits around Vaughan Springs were nice riding too though, and legal. Was a good day’s riding, I think about 60km.

The bike shop in Castlemaine directed me to some nice trails too, they have a nice loop that they built up for the Singlespeed worlds which is about 10k I think, with lots of other bits off it for a decent days riding.



There’s also all the mtb tracks in the forest around Woodend - I’ve been meaning to get over there to check it out on the uni:

I live about 15 minutes out of Daylesford, towards Malmsbury, and everything permitting, ride most days, mainly in the nearby forest and reserve. Maybe somewhere like Woodend would be a more convenient trip for Melbourne guys?

Chiltern Muniuni

I am running the Chiltern Muniuni again 31st May and 1st June. It just has to be advertised. Ok, it is not near Castlemaine but you guys are welcome.
It will be a 20/30k road ride (sealed and gravel) Sat morning, muni for the rest of the weekend, trials etc for the kids :slight_smile:

Melbourne Road Ride

Whilst we are on the topic of thread jacking can I mention there will be a road ride from Southern Cross station to Brighton this Sunday 4/5/08?

Meet at the corner of Spencer & Collins Streets at 11:00. The ride will be down the Port Melbourne light rail trail and the bayside trail to Brighton and return. Should be about 30 km all up.

PM me if you have any questions.

cool MT. Would be great to do some city riding, this weekend is out for me tho.

The Chiltern Muniuni weekend sounds great Mal, hope there is a good turn out. I’d love to get up to North East Victoria sometime this year, but I don’t think May/June is possible :frowning:

Thread bump, this is on tomorrow. Weather is looking good, w00t!

Sorry to hear it was cancelled, I have been meaning to attend one of these Chiltern rides for a while but have never been able to to make it happen. Spring would be much better for me, so I hope it goes ahead.


Chiltern ride. I am disapointed to cancel this because we have had some fun over the years. My Dad is 89 and 11 months and we don’t think he will make 90 so I need to keep my time free. I also like to be pretty organised with my events and at the moment I am not. My old site needs rebuilding/updating and re hosting and I am not getting the time for this. It is great to know we have some vic riders so look out for spring when the snakes come out:)

A year later, time to get the monthly MUni rides underway! :slight_smile:

Monthly MUni rides in the Daylesford/Hepburn Springs/Woodend/Wombat Forest.


When: Second Sunday of every month

Where: Rides start and end at good food and coffee!

Next Ride: Sunday June 14th

Meet at: Glenlyon General Store, 11.30am (Great coffee and food!)
(Googlemaps Glenlyon)

Ride Options:

Short/Easy/Trials Option

The local sports ground reserve, ~2 mins riding from the store, has many man made and natural obstacles excellent for Trials riding. There is also a horse trail/cross country track in the hills surrounding the reserve. Hours of fun riding suited to 20″, 24″ and 29″.

Longer XC Option

The proposed route is approx 20km and takes in dirt road, fire trails, old logging tracks and single track, best suited to 29″ and 36″. It begins and ends at the Glenlyon General Store and passes through the sports ground. The XC ride route can be easily lengthened/shortened, and includes numerous ‘get home quick’ shortcuts.

Pics of what the trails look like:

Video of some of the trail:

Travel Info to Glenlyon by Road:

Glenlyon is an easy 75 minutes from the centre of Melbourne. The shortest route to Glenlyon from Melbourne is:

  1. Citylink/Calder Freeway
  2. Exit at Woodend
  3. Woodend to Tylden
  4. Tylden to Springhill
  5. Springhill to Glenlyon

Travel Info to Glenlyon by Train from Melbourne:

Catch the 9.35am VLine Train from Southern Cross, arriving at Malmsbury at 10.57am. Let me know. I can transport up to 4 people including unis in my van to Glenlyon, ~15 minutes drive from Malmsbury. Returning to Melbourne on Vline’s 4.18pm Kyneton or 5.20pm Malmsbury service.

Hope some of you guys can make it! It’s a great time of year for rides in the forest.

Just a bump - first monthly Wombat Forest MUni ride is this Sunday. Meet 11.30am at Glenlyon General Store. Weather forecast is looking pretty good!

Sunday 14 June 2009

I think I’m going to do this. I will drive my car from Oakleigh in SE Melbourne, leaving around 9:15 am. Anyone want a ride?

Great Barry, hope you make it up!

Monthly MUni Ride 01

From blog post:

The day of the first Monthly MUni finally arrived, and amazingly after more than a week of cold drizzly weather the sun came out. Blue skies, fresh clean air — a great day for Mountain Unicycling in the Wombat Forest.

After meeting up at the Glenlyon General Store we drove to Bridge Road/Reed Track, a handy starting point with rides heading out in all directions. With uni’s sorted we hit the trails.

Ride Route, Wombat Forest

Mud puddle crossings were the order of the day, providing lots of laughs and wet gear, but unfortunately no full on face plants :slight_smile:

Eric the Red crossing one of the many mud puddles

After looping down to the Loddon river and back up to vehicles we rode down an unnamed idyllic stretch of single track.

Paddy, infected with MUni Madness

After the ride we headed back to the Glenlyon General Store for drinks and food.

Barry, Morgan, Paddy, Eric, Pete

Many thanks to Barry and Julie who came up from Melbourne, and generously helped out with a spare MUni. Barry, Morgan, Paddy and Eric, thanks for the ride. Onya guys!

Lesson learned: Everyone bring more food next time, and a few more tools.

Next monthly MUni: Sunday 12th July

Next Monthly MUni Ride: Sunday July 12th

Details of next Monthly MUni Ride

When: Sunday July 12th

Where: Browns Gully Single Track, Great Dividing Trail

How: Meet at 11.00am, Chocolate Mill Carpark, 5451 Midland Hwy, Mount Franklin (View Googlemap)

What you need to bring: You, your uni, food and water for yourself, basic tools if needed

After meeting at the Chocolate Mill it’s a short drive out to Browns Gully. It’s super enjoyable all—you—can—eat single track suited to all wheel sizes and riding abilities.

After the ride we’ll head back to the Chocolate Mill around 3pm to sample the award winning chocolate :slight_smile:

More info at: http://unplannedismounts.com/monthly-muni-rides/

Monthly MUni Ride 02

Monthly MUni Ride 02
from http://unplannedismounts.com/2009/07/12/monthly-muni-ride-02/

It was GREAT to see so many unicyclists brave the cold and stormy Winter weather forecast and arrive at the Chocolate Mill meeting point for the second Monthly MUni ride.

We drove out to an area of forest called Dry Diggings which was anything but dry due to the wild weather over the last couple of days and with uni’s sorted rode along single track to Browns Gully and back.

Thanks to Unicycle.Com Australia we had 24" and 26" MUni’s to loan out for the day, very cool!

Next Monthly MUni: Sunday August 9th


Next Monthly MUni Ride: Sunday August 9th

Details of next Monthly MUni Ride

When: Sunday August 9th

Where: Macedon Regional Park Cycling Trail, Mount Macedon (short drive up the Calder Freeway from Melbourne!)

How: Meet at 11.15am at the Cycling Trail entry, corner of Middle Gully Road and Scout Camp Rd approx 1 minute drive from Macedon Town Centre. View Googlemap

Ride commences at 11.30am, returning at trail entry at approx 2.00pm, followed by munchies at the Woodend Bakery.

The Cycling Trail is mainly fire trail, with optional single track sections, and is suited to all wheel sizes and skill levels.

What you need to bring: You, your uni, food and water for yourself, basic tools if needed

Thanks to Unicycle.com Australia a number of MUni’s will be available for use on the day. PM me if interested.

More info at: http://unplannedismounts.com/monthly-muni-rides/

Monthly MUni 03

Monthly MUni 03

Great winter weather and a bunch of riders, the third monthly MUni ride today was a hoot!

Thanks to all the guys who came up, hope to catch up for a few more rides in the future, next month even :slight_smile:

More pics at: