Pictures of your latest ride

I needed a couple of things from the LBS and supermarket, so I had to make a trip to civilisation. There’s a new Sustrans bike route that goes from where I work down to Tavistock, the nearest sizeable town, so I thought I’d give it a go. I rode my normal commute, then off down the cycle path - which turned into some pretty knarly off-road riding through the woods, with some killer steep climbs on the road - not at all what I was expecting. In some places I was wishing I’d taken the muni rather than the 36er.

I took a couple of pictures on the way back - steep rocky hill (very un-cyclepath-like) and ridiculously steep road the other side of the river. Oh, and another nice green view down the river.

32 miles, about 3 1/2 hours riding (including going round the shops), 2000ft climbing, very hot (for here), lots of water consumed.


HAHA! This is the first ride I post here!
I did a Coker ride today, for my Coker’s birthday! He is one year old now and still ride perfectly!:stuck_out_tongue: there are some pictures of it, I stoped only in the middle of the ride so I dont have any other pictures. I think the ride was around 25km long, not sure, I’ll see next time I go there.

I love the sticker mod.
I need to do that with my sticker as well :sunglasses:

Yes, good idea.

Pics of my afternoon ride(with my new camera!).

thanks guys, I got the ideal from another unicycle on the forums somewhere:p

First monthly MUni get together, great fun!


Weekend road ride

26 miles early morning round trip, Cambridgeshire UK



15 mile ride on the hottest day of the year along the Millennium Coastal Path, Llanelli.
My skin is on fire and my ass in numb.

Time for a hot bath and a well-placed ice-pack.

Pic one:
Partway through the Wirral ‘Bikeathon’, UK stopped for a photo op with tide far out. Behind my head can just be seen an off-shore windfarm with wind turbines dotted along the horizon
Pic two:
Starting line of the Wirral ‘Bikeathon’ - there were approx 1,400 bicycles and exactly 1 unicyle.

Those fans are making a hell of a draught - just look at your hair!

Damn! That’s awesome.

I’m planning on my body being pretty much all used up and worthless by 60.

You, sir, are badass.

A few vidcaps from yesterday’s 6 hour epic ride! :sunglasses:

(I wish I could rolling hop this high!)

Hey! I had just combed it into that style - after taking it off and washing it in the sea :wink:

Hey that’s nice thanks :slight_smile:


A quick 8 mile spin last night. Got home after a day of running, walking and swimming in fast flowing rivers, and the weather was too nice to waste, so I popped up the hill to buy some eggs (the picture is just above the egg *man’s house.

Went for a quick spin down Longwalls Lane & the Chevin, two long rocky rooty descents (Spencer - this was about 2/3s of the loop we did from my house). On Longwalls Lane, the undergrowth has grown right up, meaning that in sections it’s now a super narrow singletrack, making what was not easy before really rather sneaky. I manage the off road section in 1 hour 0 minutes, which I’m happy enough with, especially after a whole day of hard exercise. After this I hammer back to my house on the road. Then we go up to the pub, and drink a quick pint on the terrace which has a beautiful view over all the hills I’ve just ridden which is nice.

Total time: 1 hour 20
Distance: 12.2km
Climbing: 321m
Descending: 321m


*It occurs to me that it might well be the egg woman, you buy the eggs from a secret agent style drop box affair, so I’ve never seen the person who looks after the chickens.


Home, pub, egg man…

Coo coo ca choo.

Monocyclism: was the bikeathon organised by the same folks who do the Macclesfield and Chester Bikeathons?

Well I think it all comes under the umbrella of British Heart Foundation but the actual organising group may be different for Macclesfield and Chester. Anyway, I am booked for the Chester bikeathon that is next weekend, 21st June. Never done it but Cathwood has. Apparently there’s only one ride of 15 miles for everyone. Any other dudes and dudesses going?

Most important!

Inspiring a future generation of unicyclists :wink: Getting kids interested in the one-wheel at the start of the Wirral bike hike.

This was a paved ride I took just before I got the 29er. I did this on the 24" with a brake for the descent. This picture is about 2/3 up to the top. 2000 feet in 3 miles. I was tired when I was finished.


You got “3” KH frames? :wink: