Pictures of your latest ride

Okay, I’ll start :smiley:

Share a picture or two of your and/or your uni on a ride.
State where the picture was taken, route details etc.

Heres my Coker this morning, at Longsands beach, Tynemouth. It was a beautiful morning, I made the most of it and got out for a 10 mile ride along Whitley Bay/Tynemouth seafront, which is part of a 16mile circular I ride regularly.

I look forward to seeing more pics.


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I know that I am, strictly speaking, playing hockey in this pic. But we had been riding down the prom earlier on. Honest.

POTP 2008 071 small.JPG

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Out in the glorious sunshine in Brechfa Forest today.

I still have my shinpads on as I’m typing this.

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Here I am twenty minutes ago throwing my nimbus 36 into the lake after 20 failed attempts to freemount (127 mm cranks).



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Look on the bright side, at least the sun was out.

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You asked for it Baxter… Remember this when you’re reaching for a spoon to dig out your eye balls.

Be warned, those of you offended by people’s fleshy, wobbly bits don’t click the links.

ah, i knew it was coming… what about the naked tandem ride? :astonished:

That was just a trick of the light.

that is a very odd thing to do, and the pain of a UPD :astonished: ouch!

here we go, heres a couple pics from mine. I’m the one in camo trousers btw


Be warned, those of you offended by people’s fleshy, wobbly bits don’t click the links.

Haha I see THREE 36ers in that shot! :slight_smile:

Flattery will get you everywhere.

Well, here’s the latest pic from a while ago

Some photos from my recent ride on the Haul Road



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Sundays ride: elevation 12,100’ on the Continental Divide

captainwelch: love those shots, right on!

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todays ride:


these are from earlier today at a campground we are staying at in upstate ny. It was my first time off pavement with my 36er, and it i totally love it :smiley: !!!

sorry if they are a little dark, it is a old camera and it is dusk

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That first one looks really good! Like a painting.

Chester Bikeathon

I rode the Chester Bikeathon with my family today. It was very windy.

(I’ve included the photo of Sam on his bike to try to give an indication of how windy it was - he had to lean into the side wind to avoid being blown over)

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