australian uni riders

hey scott, nice to see u here .btw I’m the indian guy who’s been asking u about unicycles at the juggling group get together on wednesdays…(and now a proud owner of a 24" trainer :stuck_out_tongue: )
guess i’ll be seeing u tomo with ur KH huh

The Melbourne Museum meetings are still happening. The next one will be on this Sunday 31/5/09. From 2pm onwards at the Nicholson St end of the museum forecourt. There should be a game of hockey for those who are interested. See you there!

Bummer, I would love to make it down to one of Melbourne meetings, maybe the June one as this Sunday is out for me. Have fun!

Just in case it’s of interest to any guys in the region - from next Thursday there’ll be a one hour Uni get together in Daylesford, Victoria, ~75mins from Melbourne City Centre.

Over Winter it will be in a hall, probably move it outside when summer comes:

Where: Stanbridge Hall, Central Springs Road, Daylesford
When: Every Thursday 5.00pm-6.00pm
Cost: Gold coin donation


Awesome, sounds like fun!

I could be mistaken(your avatar is a bit too small for me to be sure) but did i meet you at juggle club 2 weeks ago? i brought my 18" red uni and was trying to do unispins :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: oh and good luck with your exams :slight_smile:

For any Vic based riders, a monthly MUni ride, second weekend of each month. First ride June 14th

come to wollongong ^___^ I’ll ride with you!

come to wollongong, ill ride with you :slight_smile:

hey, yeah i just pm’ed you. it possibly could have been me and my mate. how long ago was this? because my mate does have a trials and a freestyle. i used the freestyle once. the freestyle had a blue tyre?

don’t think it had a blue tyre… can’t remember it was a while ago.

I am positive it was either…

-Brandon (Me) 14 years old and I ride a Trials Uni
-Tirryn (Brother) 16 years old he rides a Trials but he mite of been riding Adam’s freestyle
-Adam (Friend) rides a Trials and a Freestyle
-Jamal Rides a Trials, 40 years old
-Josh Rides a Trials, 14 years old
-Suede Rides a Coker, 30 years old-ish

We all ride occasionally in Adelaide.

hey dudes i am in melbourne NOW and want to know if it would be possible to arrange a ride for today or tomorrow, because time is running out! i need a unicycle, too, so if you have 2 it would be perfect. im from germany and would love to meet aussies on one wheel!

cheers, chris

P.S.: best and fastest way to contact me would be per mobile 0466615088

GET GOIN! :slight_smile:

Im from Brisbane, Just bought my first uni today… its an el-cheapo no brand… probaly not a good idea but have to start somewhere… i cant even ballance at all yet, spent about an hour out in the yard screwing around

My First unicycle was a ebay no brander and I reckon they are heaps good for the money. Mine lasted years.

Good luck and have fun. :slight_smile:

Is there anyone in brisbane that would be able to tell me a good spot to start learning? and maybe come give me some tips etc?

I’m sensing a sales pitch coming up :stuck_out_tongue:

Melbourne unicycle meet is on today at the Melbourne Museum forecourt, Nicholson St end from about 2pm today, as it is on the last Sunday of every month. All people are welcome. See you there!

that’s strange. i hear there is a loser convention there at the exact same place and time.

oh wait, am i not supposed to heckle? is that wrong of me?


question : does y’all do anything interesting or just hang-out? vids or ban!!!

tonight’s news “unicycle guns and drug gang busted in melbourne. police are investigating unicycle forum for further gang links. expect further arrests”.

I don’t mind the heckling. I got tooted by a clown driving a car today (whilst I was on my uni). He had the face paint, the red nose and the clothes; couldn’t see his shoes but I imagine they were oversized.

We normally play a game of hockey, practice tricks, cruise around the museum and the Carlton Gardens and generally discuss unicycling.

It is rare for people to make vids but you can if you want to.

Legana, Tasmania

Nimbus Trials 20" ,ISIS splined hub.