Pictures of your latest ride

Yes, what a lucky bastard I am :slight_smile:

It’s illegal (and actually pretty much impossible with the tufty grass and bogs) to cycle on the open moorland but there are some nice bridleways and permitted cycle routes that let you get around quite a bit. Loops tend to end up quite long though (you have to go a long way between junctions on the tracks). I’m just lucky that a couple of the nice routes happen to go in the general direction of where I work. That rocky bit in the pictures is very entertaining - loose rocks on sandy/gravelly stuff and pretty much becomes a river bed in heavy rain, moving it all around. It’s never the same twice.

There are three reasonable routes for my commute. There’s an old railway line route that goes from where I live down to pretty near where I work, which is nice on the coker - some steep (1:5) roads at the end, about 9 miles. Then there’s the route I went this morning down to the reservoir, then a few miles on easy roads, about 10 or 11 miles altogether I think. Or there’s a quick 7 1/2 mile blat down the road on the bike. Can’t complain :slight_smile:


From a ride the other day across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

here are some from our ssummer tour “viva la grischa” (more pictures in that thread):

Nice pictures Turtle! I really like the last one :slight_smile:

SF pics including Golden Gate Park and bridge.

Great fun today, second Monthly MUni ride in the Wombat Forest, and my first ride (and time outside) in two weeks due to a really crappy winter flu.


pic s from todays muni ride, unfortunately it was rainy.

Nice pictures, that place looks like a nice place to ride.

Johann3s, I can ride over a board that is laying on the grass but I don’t believe I would have the nerve to ride over a stream :astonished: :astonished: . Old age or lack of experience? Probably just a lack of nerve.

Those pictures are really cool. It looks like a nice Muni ride even if it was rainy.:slight_smile:

The whole family went on a uni ride on the bike paths near Frisco, Colorado this weekend. Unfortunately, I lost both my 29er and my 36er to my 9 and 12 year old when they figured out they could ride them. I am just beginning to be able to free mount the 36er, and the 12 year old does it with no problem even though he can barely reach the pedals! sigh. Now I just need to find a bigger wheel for the 7 year old. No luck so far. Even the KH20 is still too big for her… Anyway, here’s a picture of the kids - a lot cuter than my husband and me anyway.

We spent the 4th of July weekend in Illinois. It rained continuously, so all parades were cancelled… Our family did our own parade with 10 unicycles of all sizes… Unfortunately, I never got any pictures of the whole group of aunts, uncles, and cousins on unis.

The whole “parade” degraded into a massive squirt-gun fight…

Nice pictures Conifer^^^

I probably would have seen you out there but went to the Frisco penninsula to try some of their Muni trails.

I know that path well!!

I really like this thread … right goodie!

Nothing like a shot of MUni to get over the Winter flu! :stuck_out_tongue:

This picture is really cool, It makes me want to get a 29er even more! How is Muni on a 29er? I’m still not sure if I’ll get one.

400th post!:smiley:

Pic1: The bridge behind me is a privately owned toll bridge that charge 40p per car - unicycles free!
The signals are left from the original trackbed of the railway that used to bring slate from inland quarries to Barmouth on the coast. Now it’s a 10mile uni run.

The original trackbed of the railway now called the Mawddach Trail. 10 miles of good riding for the 36

MUni on a 29’er is great fun!

I’ve been exploring a network of MTB singletrack in the last week on the 29’er, been a muddy, greasey hoot! Some additional pics and video in ‘Woodend II - Singletrack’s Revenge:slight_smile:

Finally got the battery charger for my camera…so here are some pictures from my afternoon ride today.

  1. Pre-ride wash.

2-3. At Dickinson Campus. Never know what you are going to get when using a timer on your camera. :slight_smile:

  1. Riding atop a retaining wall by High St.

  2. Graham…

  3. Me! Taken by my sis.

Pic 1:
Morfa Bychan beach.
briliant riding the coker on firm sand. Looking down the beach to the coastline.The red arrow in the background indicates the location of Harlech Castle

Pic 2:
Morfa Bychan beach. Looking down the beach in the opposite direction. The black arrow on the horizon indicates Criccieth Castle

Pic 3:
Unicycle on the Cob

Pic 4:
Birds eye view of the Cob red X marks the spot from where pic 3 was taken

Weekend 27 mile charity ride. Great ride with a couple of old friends that traveled down especially for it.

About 500 riders took part. We were the only unicyclists.