Timbob's Awsome KH seat

So I got a KH cf base for christmas and am about to drill it and such. Its alot of money so encouragement and advice would be helpful. Hope i dont mess it up and will post progress as i get farther it should be awsome. I know there is a search function for advice on this i just want to do it anyway and post my progress. Off to start working.

Okay so now, since i started this morning, i have drilled all of the holes and filed one of them so the carraige bolts will fit correctly. So now im halfway to finishing the bumper. 1/9th of the way there!

Looks good so far.

Okay I had already started the second hole and now im done with the bumper! Its a little crooked i know but it works and fits well enough. so now im 2/9ths done. two down seven to go. I probably wont finish it tonight since i have to go to work in 2 hours.:frowning: oh well

1/3 done!

So im 1/3 of the way done. Im starting on the handle part. Its going alot faster than i thought. My brother made one and his took a very long time. So i have six more to go in 1 hour and 45 min. I might make it!


Wow less than 5 minutes for that one im almost pro now.

easy turbo… don’t want to screw up that beautiful carbon fiber.


:smiley: Im not rushing( although i dont have much time) its just easier if you file fast so that it files smoothly. Well im 5/9ths there almost done with the handle but i probably wont finish today since i still need four or six washers for the seatpost and handle but ill get as far as i can.

Really appreciate the progress photos. Considering your time deadline, if you didn’t stop to photograph and post to the forum, you’d be done by now and had plenty of time to test it out.

I kind of knew that i wouldnt be finished before i had to go to work and i would rather take the time to show my work( it doesnt take that long anyways)

Any way i foud out that i made a very horrible error while ordering the bolts. I was going to buy for my friend his bolts for a miyata style and so had 9 bolts in my head and so i bought 9 of them just before i left for work i noticed that i dont have a miyata and never have. Its pretty much the dumbest mistake ever. So i need to go to the store again tomorrow and get one bolt and one nut and 6 washers. So with my corrections i am now 6/10ths of the way done. Since my brothers are still awake i will start on the seatpost holes now.

dude, i am miyata style with a DG handle so I need 11 not 9
^ I am still wondering how you messed up (you have riden with a KH seat since the beginning)

you’ll be awake till you finish at like 3 in the morning won’t you

so timbob and I have been in disagreement. after drilling the holes are you supposed to file the holes to be square or just pound the carraige bolts in?


Anyway, I finished the other one so im 7/10ths of the way done. Im going to sleep now since its almost 11:00 now. Ill try to finish it early tomorrow morning or something. Heres the pic and i take them and type all of this because after filing for that long i need a quick break. See you tomorrow morning.

Oh yeah its a bad picture but its too dark to get a better one that shows the holes

Looks good. Keep in mind that filing a hole square can actually move the hole a little bit. You want to make sure that you don’t accidentally move a hole so far that it no longer fits the seatpost.

Best way to proceed is to file one hole square. Put all four bolts in and make sure they still line up with the holes in the seatpost. File the next hole square. Put all four bolts back in and make sure they still line up with the holes in the seatpost. Repeat for the remaining holes doing one hole at a time.

If the holes aren’t lining up you can take advantage of the fact that you can move the holes while filing them square. If things are further off you can turn the square into a rectangle and still be all good. You only need two or three sides of the square (or rectangle) to be flat and in contact with the shoulders of the carriage bolt to keep the bolt from spinning. So there is actually plenty of fudge room if the holes drift a little bit off while filing them. It’s no big deal. I had to make a couple of rectangular holes (slots) in my CF seat to keep the seatpost holes lined up with the seatpost.

This is a good tip which I may need to use. I bought my CF base and paid the vender to pre-drill and pre-file. Well, the pre-drilling was off, almost so much that I couldn’t assemble the thing. If I ever take it apart again, which I will, I’ll try this method of fudging.

Thanks. Yeah im filing one at a time and then making sure they still line up. If one hole needs moving i file that direction first and while filing i check to make sure im not drifting. The handle and bumper fit so far although it was extremely hard to take off the handle afterwards.

So im now 8/10ths of the way there. Its going pretty good but i need to go to the store to get the washers and last bolt and nut.:stuck_out_tongue:
Heres the pic so far i need to go get the stuff now.

Well that took a while but now i have all the bolts, nuts and washers i will need. I bought 1/4 diameter and 3/4 length but they might not be long enough so i also bought 1 inch long ones. now i will file the last two holes and then i can put it together.


what kind of foam are you using?


Im using the KH street foam. It was pretty easy to get off because after a while the adhesive starts to weaken if you do seat out alot. Basically i just took some sissors to cut the tape where the tape was molded with the foam.

So i just have one hole to go and then i can build it!