Instructions for Installing a CF Base


I made an Instructions for Installing a CF Base in a Kris Holm saddle with a Fusion Cover.



Excellent! That’s exactly what I’m hoping I’m going to need sometime in the near future.

Also, does anyone know where I can get some foam from? My old one in the saddle is all ripping up. I had to glue it together about a week ago.

nice one

That is an excellent tuturial, thank you!

Good job. Looks a little familiar but yours is much more professional and shows some different pictures. Nicely done

Thats very amusing because I just bought a Carbon base from MDC a couple days before this was posted!

Great little tutorial, does anyone have advice to attaching a non fusion cover such as the koxx ones to a CF base? Would you use adhesive? What would stick well to the CF and not adversely affect it with some sort of chemical reaction?

pull string.

nice tutorial

what are the advantages of install a cf base on my seat?
and the default base of the kris holm fusion is made of what ?

3M super 77. Spary some into a cut, paste on with a popcicle stick and let dry for 30 min, then pull cover over and press into glue. Might help to get some little hobby c clamps to hold in position, maybe even just some aligator clamps used for electronic stuff.

The CF base will be lighter and stronger, but most importantly, it will be stiffer.

And no, the default base for the KH seat is not made of “what” :stuck_out_tongue: It’s made of UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene).