Timbob's Awsome KH seat


Done filing

Hooray im done filing! Now i need to see which bolts i should use.

Okay so i put one the bumpers and the seatpost to make sure that everything fit and the bolts were long enough. So unless you have really thick washers 3/4 inch bolts should be fine. Also i found out that if you want to put washers on the front bumper two of them have to be pretty small in order to fit.

Duct tape

Here is a gradual procedure of ductaping the Base enjoy:p

First you have a seat and duct tape…

Then you add some ductape to keep the bolts in place!..

Add more tape…

and add two more pieces to attach all of the bolts…

… and a lot more just to be sure:D

The foam

Now i put on my dirty Street foam…

And since i dont know how else to lace a Fusion cover i will use a crochet hook :sunglasses:

And now i have to eat lunch:( oh well

An option for the washers is to use tin snips to cut the washers so they fit better. Here’s an example with one of my seats.

If you end up with problems with the nuts loosening you can put low strength Loctite threadlocker on the threads to keep the nuts tight. The nylock nuts you have may work well enough to keep the nuts from loosening, but if not there is always Loctite.

Sif grip

Once i tried to put on the handle with the seat cover and the foam on the base i found out that the 3/4 were not long enough so i had to switch them to the 1 inch bolts.
So now i put in a piece of tubing cut in one spot so that i can use it until my SW sif grip comes.

Almost done

So now i put it all together and i just have to put it on my uni and do some final stuff and then it will be done!

Boy does that look nice! Nice work.


also, you might want to put some vinul tubing or foam underneath where your grab sif because it hurts some peoples hands.


he did

Really great job. It will be a lot of help to others who will want to do similar in the future. Just one question. Are the bolts long enough so that they are making good contact with the nylock nuts. The back ones look like they might be a little short.

they were long enough if you worked it, the 3/4 in. screws were long enough if you struggled with it a little. but timbob thought he/I was going to break it when we were struggling to get enough of the scew and bolt to meet up

That does not make much sence but the 3/4 bolts fit for the bumper and seatpost but you need 1 inch for the front handle. the back bumper just barely was short enough for the nut.