Broken Base.Questions.

so can someone post a pic on how to set up the rubber deal undeneath??

I took a popped tube and cut a piece out of it a little bigger than the post bracket. Then I cut slits in it so the bolts can come through. I don’t have a pic but I don’t really think is necessary. As long as the edges of the post bracket aren’t being dug into the CF itself then you are fine.

okay…did you layer the tube??like fold over or anything??

Is inner tube rubber really thick enough? I would have thought you’d need something about as thick as skateboarders use as truck protectors (about 2-3mm stiff rubber)

I agree…pics.

I searched and came up with this.

Edit: Page 4 looks a bit better for what you want.

I used three layers of tube on my UDC CF base though after taking it apart an examining it you are probably okay with just two layers but I’d definitely use more than just one.

Hey UniDude. I finally got my saddle ordered today. I treated myself to the KH Fusion Street saddle:D
I can’t to have a proper saddle for my uni. I only hope it comes before the weekend so that I can put it straight to use!


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its 524 pm

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I posted this thread when I snapped mine: Broken CF seat base

here is a photo gallery:

I was very careful in taking care of my CF base before it cracked. Once it cranks, its to the trash.

I know that Luke Collalto, and Alex Toms from Australia have both snapped a CF base also. Alex had his for just a few weeks, and said that he spent more time drilling and filing the base than riding with it.

I broke mine attempting double backflips, Alex broke his doing double backflips.
I hope my next CF base will not break whilst doing double backflips.

I will likely not file the holes square for the seatpost bolts, as I think it will be less prone to cracking this way.

If you’re so sure you are going to break the CF base then why don’t you just get a plastic one. If you know you are going to break it then you are at least saying money. Also you get a WHOLE seat for about 3/4 the cost of the CF base alone.

Beacuse the plastic one will break much much sooner. There are others “pros” to having a carbon fiber base as well, like its is lighter and stiffer. The stiffer more rigged base give the unicycle more response as well as not feeling like a wet noodle.

Once you have ridden with CF, a plastic base feels WAY too soft.

I got my new seat last night (due to me snapping the original). Even though it’s plastic, I looked at putting a piece of rubber between the seatpost and seat to try to avoid any ‘cutting in’ from the sharp edges of the seatpost. Then found that the bolts weren’t long enough for me to be able to put the rubber in. They must design them so that the bolts are just long enough for the seatpost bracket.
So instead, I filed down the edges of the seatpost (only 1mm or so, just enough to stop there being any sharp edges) and I also managed to wedge little piece of rubber in at the back (where I presume all of the presure will be).

New seat:

Underside of seat:

Has anybody else tried to reinforce their seat in this way at all? I’m not sure whether it might put extra presure on the seat or whether it will help.

The issue with plastic bases isn’t that the seatpost cuts into the base - its that the metal stiffener plate inside isn’t strong enough and snaps. Without that support the plastic then breaks. It should be interesting to see if that helps any but I don’t believe it will do much at all.