Singlespeed-a-polooza 20-mile MTB race - 31-May - near Newburgh, NY

Singlespeed only 20-mile MTB race near Newburgh NY - $25
I emailed and the race-director said:
Got your email about the uni’s at singlespeed race. Bring it on!!! go ahead and sign up! We would love to have you guys!

Supposedly, it’s one 20-mile loop, and it’s a “fast, flowy course”. (guni-muni?)
Singlespeed-a-polooza presented by Darkhorse Cycles
Presented by
Darkhorse Cycles
Stewart State Forest, New Windsor, NY
Sunday, May 31, 2009, 9AM

This is only a couple hours’ drive from PA, NJ, NY, NYC & LI, and just a few hours’ drive from MA, VT, even some of you Canadian crazies!

Let’s have 10 unis!

Wonder if it would be OK to bring a Schlumpf if you promise not to shift it…

[Can’t make it myself, but sounds fun!]

That would be awesome!!!


I’m totally down, although I just realized that the US is stupid and you have to be 21.

Coker or 24?

I don’t know about bringing an extra gear to a singlespeed event. :wink: Maybe two gears with one wheel is just as acceptable as two wheels and one gear.

Fast and flowy sounds like a 36er to me.

I can’t believe I didn’t realize the guni isn’t singlespeed! Coker muni or regular 29er it is then.

One great looking 20-mile loop

Looks like a great ride. Wish I could make it. For a short while 30+ years ago I lived less than 12 miles from there. Tromped all over the area. Now its 2400 miles each way. I would love to do this ride with you and ten or more unis. I’m not going to be able to this year.

Joe, of course I’d love to ride with you, but 2400 miles is a bit long for a half-day event.

I’m officially signed up for the Singlespeed-a-palooza!

This is only and hour or two from NJ, NYC, PA, western MA. Let’s get a strong one-wheel showing.

It’s two laps of a 10-mile mostly-XC course. Now I have to choose between Coker-muni and swapping out the guni wheel for the non-geared wheel on my KH29.

So come on, muni guys and gals! I’d love not to be the only unicyclist being worshiped by the MTB crowd. :roll_eyes:

Ok… I’m signed up.

Not that I could make it anyways but I’ll be doing a 17+ mile race that day called BUMP N Grind. So we’ll have dualing race reports I’m sure! Good Luck!

This sounds like a really fun race and only about 4 hours away from me but…

On March 31st I had a menisectomy on my knee (meniscus tear) plus a bone chip removed. Anyone know if I should ride hard 8 weeks after the procedure? I rode my 24" on pavement for 2 miles and it caused some pain. The race is only 6 weeks away any thoughts?

I’m not a doctor, but riding in a race, let alone training for it so soon after such a procedure sounds like a bad idea. Talk to a doctor.

New Windsor, NY. I went there several times to visit Mary Jenack (wife of USA founder Bill Jenack) who was living there in the late 80s with her new husband. They lived right along the river.

We’ve already thought of that for IUF races, and the answer would be no. But so far, racing is divided mostly into track (24"), 700c and Unlimited categories, with no division by gearing (they just ride in the Unlimited group).

Or are we stupid for letting lawyers make all the rules? :angry:
And you’d probably want a Coker to be at least a little bit competitive with the (2-wheeled) fixies.

Jeez, Mark, I hope you’re healing well. Don’t ask us, ask a doctor for sure, but it seems a little soon to race 20 muni miles. It’d be great to have you there, though!

Is she still there? Tell her to check out the race. Better, get yourself and your wheel out here and ride with team Personal Rollercoaster.

I’m sure there will be some fixies, but mostly non-fixie-singlespeeders. The fast singlespeeders are scary-fast, often placing near the top of open-division MTB races. I think we’ll be in the back of the pack but (hopefully) we’ll beat some two-wheelers.

I’ve put 152s back on my Coker (it’s had short cranks since RTL) and rekindled a deep lust for that machine, just enjoying the hell out of it. So I’m thinking I’ll start on that, but I’ll probably bring the KH29, just in case. There are two 10-mile laps, so I could make a switch at 10 miles.

We let our lawyers make rules and came up the also stupid of different ages throughout different provinces that doesn’t make sense either. Not saying we are any better, but I still think there are a lot of problems with 21 as a legal drinking age.

My coker muni skills aren’t as good as my 24 skills, so I’m still not 100% if I will enter, I’m also not sure if I can afford the time off work.

Thank you for the honor of being invited to be a Personal Rollercoaster! Me like. I even have a separate photo album listing for roller coaster/ride pictures:

As for Mary, it’s been a long time. I don’t think her husband is still around, as he was quite a few years older. She made the best chocolate chip cookies, and an awesome yam dish at the holidays!

Come to think of it, you can ask about using a Schlumpf and they might say it’s fine. After all, it’s still at least a fixie!

I’ve been fortunate to have a separate Coker that’s set up for MUni, that has 150s and that was a good training machine, on rolling trails, for RTL. But I’m too far away to make that event! I don’t even think I’m going to be able to do the (group) ride around Tahoe this year, due to conflict with another trip. :frowning:

So Perry (capuni), and I, rode in the 'palooza race - 20 mile MTB race in two 10-mile loops. I’d heard the Stewart State Forests trails described as “XC”, “non-technical”, and “very fast”, so I hoped to ride my Coker, but I brought the KH29 w/137s just in case. The trails were great fun, with some steep ups and downs, many more rocks and roots than I expected, and kegs of tasty microbrew at the end. About half of the ten-mile loop was sweet, twisty, buffed-smooth single track, and the rest was some fire roads and semi-technical trails.

I cockily started out on the Coker, but almost immediately a rooty, fairly long climb demonstrated that the big wheel was maybe not the best choice for this trail. I decided to stick with my choice for the first lap, but about two miles in, my left crank bolt (as happened once before with that hub - I now suspect it’s stripped) got too loose to ride on. So I had to walk back to the start (and my stashed KH), repeating the word “mechanical” a hundred times to questioning bikers who passed me as I headed back pushing the thing.

Anyway, I threw the Coker into the weeds with disgust and grabbed the KH muni, starting out again, now an hour into the race. I decided two laps would take too long to do with my new hour-late start, so I went for just one.

Nothing but lavish praise from the 200+ bikers present, and I managed to snag one of the “prize tags” hanging from a branch along the trail. The prize? A slightly worn $100 bill. Best race outcome I’ve ever had!

A Franklin hangin, good eyes. Good effort and way to represent.

Sounds like fun Steve!
What crank lenght have you on the xc 36er? I run 170mm to help on the big hills.
I would guess the 100$ is a fake one, for people who look at the scenery while racing. :wink:
And how did Perry?

The thing in the tree was a laminated “preem” card with the number “2” on it. At the awards ceremony, I presented my preem card (I expected maybe a handlebar light, or just a bottle opener). Instead, Mike (organizer) handed me an envelope with a $100 bill. A real one.

Bummer about the coker. So next year you’d do it on the 29er, or do you think it would be ok for a solid 36er with longer cranks?