Drive-by Muni

Muni trails near highways.

Nothing breaks up a long road-trip like a muni ride, but most good trails are in the middle of nowhere.

I just discovered a HUGE set of trails 5-10min from 2 major highways in southern NY, on my drive to the in-laws.

These are in Stewart State Forest. I rode them twice recently, once coming from the north via I-84

And another ride coming from the east via i-87

This is a huge trail system. I rode for 2 hrs and probably covered less than 1/4 of the trails. Overall I would rank this a 29 or 36er course, not too technical, although it would also be fun on a 24. There are a number of short hills that keep you working.

This was the site of a recent ‘Single-Speed-a-Palooza’ race that included one uni. There is a map of this course here.

My first ride I tried to keep to the course, with limited success. Second ride I just went south, then turned around and headed north, which was more fun. As with any large network of twisty trails, a compass/GPS is suggested to help get you back to your car.

We have had a lot of rain recently and, despite some obvious high bike traffic, the trails were pretty good. Exceptions were stream crossings, and the first 1mile of the singlespeedapoloza course, which was a washout.


Another nice set of Muni trails near a highway, <10min from I-87/I-90 interchange.

Trailheads at the end of Washington Ave, and at the Pine Bush Discovery Center off Rt 155. Trails are sandy and good when wet. Not too technical (29/36er). Best singletrack near Prospect Hill Cemetary (off Blue Trail).

I live 5min from here, so if you want a riding partner PM me.