Quote of the day (from non-riders)

I used to track how many car accidents my riding almost caused, when I used to ride along a busy street to school.

When I added juggling to the mix, the numbers climbed dramatically. I had to stop counting. And doing both away from home base.

It wasn’t fun anymore.

Cool uni shirt!

Got to the trail at 7am this morning trying to get done before it got too sunny and hot, but it remained overcast and cool all day, to my utter delight! :stuck_out_tongue: So anyway, I was called by “UniGeezer” at least 4 times by different people that I hadn’t met before, so that was weird lol! They must have seen my website or something. :o On the flip side, this one lady saw me riding her way and RAN in the opposite direction and off the trail! And this I was at least 50 feet away! By the time I got to that part of the trail, she had disappeared!

It seems you have found a woman with a rare case of uniphobia. :roll_eyes:

Riding some local MTB trails and downhill single track yesterday had 2 MTB’ers that I kept running (riding) into along the various trails. Comments from the 2 of them ranged from “Wow”, “Amazing”, “You’re insane”, “I don’t even go down there with 2 wheels”, and the last one after taking a ramp drop just in front of them “Wow, amazing riding, well done keep it up !!”. Was great to have some MTB’ers very complimantary about MUni :slight_smile:

Nice encounter.

I’ve found 99% of MTBers to be at least friendly and supportive. Often, as you found, they’re beyond friendly, with an almost worship-like attitude about the hardcore-ness of a unicyclist riding the same trails they’re riding.

I think non-uni riders think it’s close to impossible just to ride a unicycle, and when they see us riding technical terrain, they’re just blown away.

Now I’m off to a MTB race, to get a little more ego-stroking from them MTBers!

Today i had two “There’s one of those one wheeled bicycles”

one “Watch the lady get on her unicycle” i’m still learning to freemount so this woman and her kids were very lucky to watch the lady not fall on her head! And further her kid said “Why doesn’t it have handlebars?” So quick as wink i said “It doesn’t need them!” and pedalled off in complete control! YAY!

I was at a ride for charity today with my Nimbus 36 with about 50 other bicyclist. After, a few riders were asking me questions, when one asked if there is a training wheel for a unicycle. I couldn’t help but answer, “that would be a bicycle.”

They took it well.

I have one of those too, gotta love woot!

haha, well played! :stuck_out_tongue:

While out riding today in the beautiful sunshine, I passed a family walking along a path near to me. As they approached, the kids stopped to watch me mount, bunny hop a few times, then ride down this slightly rocky decent on the path. As I came alongside them, the young boy said “Hi, how are you doing?” I replied with a double thumbs up, a grin and “Very well thank you!” and I rode on. I then heard him turn to his parents and go “Whoa! How does he do that?!”
:smiley: I always love times like that, it’ll be a highlight of their day out, and hopefully, I’ll get them interested in learning to ride!

From down the road, after she looked back and saw me: “Holy s#it!!”

As I zoomed past: “Wow, that’s fast. Are you gonna be in the 'lympics?”

Me: “Uh. . .no. . .I’m just riding home.”

Her: “Will you have my babies?”

Too far past to respond. . .

From a van:
yeah! crank that unicycle, (sees that I have a radio) yeah crank that ghetto-blaster! you should ride that straight into the pub, seriously ride it straight into the pub! :sunglasses:

a bunch of no doers were “holding the wall” along the path … one shouted at me: “hey sir, you should come to my bank, cheap credit is available to buy a second wheel! :p”
(you may be young, probably jobless but have economic culture!)

I was on the local cycle path with my wife running alongside. A young mum pushing a pram said “That’s impressive”. Quick as a flash I replied “Yes, she runs quite fast for a woman of her age”. It raised a titter from both women.

Dude, thats so funny.

Heading out on my ride yesterday was going up the very long steep jeep track to get to the single tracks. Runner came down the jeep track, giving me curious looks and when he passed me said “Did the other wheel get stolen ?” … at least a little more witty than the standard question.

Circa early eighties, yeah.

Sharp comeback.
In the interest of accuracy (and further enhancing my reputation as pedant), there have been unicycles made with ‘training wheels’.


While that absolutely does make it a functional tricycle, it does make sense to me that when you’re leaning forward in the proper uni-riding posture, the rear wheels will be off the ground.
During previous discussions about this on this board, it’s been suggested that the training wheels may then start flapping around, seriously messing with your balance.

I’ve never spoken to anybody who learnt using such a machine, so I don’t know what the actual situation is. I simply posted this here because somebody, somewhere, made enough unicycles with training wheels to want to sell them on amazon and ebay.

We’re so accustomed to thinking of “training wheels” in the back, maybe in this instance they are in front of the uni. It’s hard to tell in which direction it’s ridden.

Nice comment!

It would be more sporting if you and your wife traded off occasionally.