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Nimbus Oracle G36”

  • Frame: Nimbus Oracle 36” Disc
  • Hub: Schlumpf 2022 Disc 125mm M1424 36h (Fixed Drive)
  • Rim: Nimbus Dominator2 (Black)
  • Spokes: 14g (Black) 360mm/362mm - [with 13g washers on spoke heads non-disc side]
  • Nipples: Brass (Silver)
  • Brake: Hope Tech3 E4 (Orange)
  • Brake Mount: Hope B (Black
  • Rotor: 203
  • Tyre: Vee Rubber T-Monster 2022 36”
  • Inner Tube: Lightweight 36” Schrader
  • Value Cap: Dice (Black)
  • Saddle: Qu-Ax Eleven + Ursli Bar (Long)
  • Seatpost: UDC Steel 25.4
  • Clamp: Mad4One 2-Bolt (Orange)
  • Cranks: Kris Holm Moments 125/150
  • Pedals: Hope F20 Pedals (Orange)

This wheel was beautifully built by @rogeratunicycledotcom (and co) - and it’s assembled very nicely :star_struck:

The frame was also very tidily filed down for best fitment:

I’m totally cog-nisant of my excess in this department - I have been captured not only by the unicycle n+1 rule, but also by geared unicycling. As mentioned before, I have no car, don’t do holidays, and these represent my life focus / passion that I don’t see dwindling in the future :gear::heart:

As soon as the rain stops I’m going to take this for a decent test ride :smiley: