Post a picture of your Schlumpf(s)

Hello :wave:

Gearing up for the 2022/23 Schlumpf arrivals it occurred to me that perhaps having a dedicated geared-up-gallery would be a good idea.

We can include previous, older Schlumpf builds - as well as the spiffy new ones as they get built this year.

To mods: if you feel this is too much fragmentation for the forum - please move this post to the general “post a picture of your unicycle(s)” thread

To kick this off - you’ve seen it before, but I would now hazard that this G26er has reached its final state. I’m happy with all aspects for the build and it fits the era of the hub and frame style perfectly.

Love the Ursli-Bar with real leather in yellow!
(And thanks to @Dino for the stiffener plate - it enabled this to be classed 100% complete!)

  • Kris Holm 26” Narrow Frame
  • Hub M0274
  • KH Moment 125/150 cranks
  • Braided Magura HS33 brake + Spooner
  • 2.6” Maxxis Ardent tyre
  • KH Freeride saddle (Yellow) + Short Ursli-Bar
  • Impact seatpost
  • KH seatpost clamp (Yellow)
  • RaceFace Chester pedals (Yellow)
  • Yellow Dice valve-cap

Looking forward very much to seeing the new geared rides that roll up on this thread - as well as seeing (if you feel like sharing) what people already have in their two-speed mono-garage :gear::heart_eyes_cat:



Hello, This is one of Florians original 29er’s #000102 and I couldn’t wait for the disc brake

it took him 20 years!


Hi, nice idea!
KH 29
M 547
Brake Shimano Saint
Tire Maxxis Minion DHR II
Cranks: KH Spirit 117/137
Saddle KH Fusion One


berg, mine attaches to the schlumf hub in the frame

Posted in another thread but 29 x 3.0 build was a handle and air saddle. The build is for Unipacking trips this upcoming summer as my regular 29" tops out as 15-16kmh average. Plus this is my first ever bike or uni with a carbon rim. I think it’s quite literally the highest end uni I could get with the exception of a custom frame but I’m so excited to ride it.

Not pictured are the MTB knee pads, 5/10 shoes, and elbow pads as I had quite a few bad crashes this past summer and I’m expecting the G29 to have a few as well so pads, good shoes, big tire, long cranks,and a handlebar to hopefully give me as much control as possible.

I’ve also honed my gear to get my pack under 15-18lns with food hopefully and I’m aiming to lose 10 lbs before the season starts to make pushing this 20lbs uni a bit easier on long days of trips.


That is an awesome looking machine!
Is that a bike handlebar stem attached to your seat post! I got to try that.

I dream of uni packing and enjoy the details you post.


It’s the Qu-Ax handlebar. I’ve tried this, the KH one and a custom Flansbberrium one. All good but I like the different hand position for the one and the ability to stretch it out a bit longer. The other ones I found would commonly twist the seatpost when they fell and the bar ends on them would get chewed up quick. This one requires less adjustment and the BMX grips on it can take quite a beating.

A Picture of my new 36 Schlumpf. Since june 2022 zero km.


I share the feeling of being in a boat of parts - waiting a hub.

That’s a nice looking frame. Is that something you made yourself?

Thank you, frame and handle is selfmade for 125mm disk hub. As i have an old Schlumpf hub in 36, i have no problems with waiting for the new one.


Sexy, like the mud/splash guard!

AWS, really like your repurposed handles.

Sadly it’s not as cheap a solution anymore. It was a mud guard and one of the ones that goes in your seat rails on a bike from Decathlon but the price has doubled for both recently so it went from a $9 total solution to a $20 solution which is the same as a clip on fender.

I ended up going through several clip on fenders 2 winters ago and found out you don’t need to make it really tight on the frame, if it can rotate a bit of will turn instead of breaking in a fall. So my other 29" has just a clip on fender.

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Now’s my turn to post a picture of one of my Sclumpfs! Here’s my newly-rebuilt G29er:

List of parts:

It has been rebuilt yesterday so I have not put a lot of kilometres on it. But it looks like it’s a wonderful beast :heart_eyes:
BTW, I have only 3 buttons for my 2 Schlumpfs because I lent one to a friend… So I have ridden only in high gear since yesterday. I’ll try to get my 4th button in the next days so I can finally have my 2 wheels usable at the same time! :slight_smile:


That’s a lovely looking machine Maxence!

I’m curious how fiddly it was to get the rotor section off. I am hoping it can be done with varying sizes of metal drill bit, as I still haven’t invested in a dremel (silly - I’d use it!)

Contemplating moving my 200 series hub into a BF equipped 27.5” ride… :grin::gear:

That was tricky. I didn’t have the tools myself. So I had to find people who had them. Then, we found out that the rotor was really sturdy. It took us a long time and lots of effort to get the section off. Maybe we hadn’t the exactly right tools, not sure.
Once we had the section off, I haven’t paid attention to the irregularities of the rotor, where we had drilled it. And I hadn’t any tools to fix that. So I have used my 2 rotors that were not sitting flat for a while. Until I got a Dremel a month ago!

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Well I will have to tackle that problem when I get there :star_struck:
(Probably just have to get a Dremel!)

I have got to say the BrakeFast is so amazingly machined. It’s stunning too in anodised black.

Just wow. I can feel this will be a seriously fun upgrade project :gear:


A “BrakeFasted” Schlumpf is like a whole new hub. It’s way better than a “simple” Schlumpf hub. You’ll discover a whole new world with that upgrade! :grin:


Given that I’m seeing other people’s hubs arriving and that builds are going pretty fast it seems, wanted to give this thread a cheeky wee plug/bump :sweat_smile::gear:

(In other words, I’m eager to see what people create!!)


Allright I’ve had a disc on my hub for years, probably the first ever on a schlumph. Also it’s on my old square taper so it is a great ride with a well modulated brake. Original 29er.