Pictures of your latest ride

I ride the road with 125/110’s but in the photo I am assessing 150’s for climbing gradients I can’t manage on 125. If it seems good I will buy 125/150. Someone posted a thread on pedals that ‘slotted’ into a fixture that was already screwed into the cranks. Wish I could find that again. Seemed like a good feature and just for the sake of a dismount, a lot cheaper, simpler - and realiable? - than a Shlumph hub. OK, I’m sorry I said that :o :frowning:

It sticks out definitely too much. But used T-bar mount because I plan to use T-bar as well. I’ve just mounted it this evening.

It was kb1kji. One of his posts here: Post Your 36er Here
but there was something with more descriptions.

I did a short ride this morning at a local riding spot ~1 mile from my house.

  1. Some nice wide, fairly smooth track that runs along side a pond.
  2. A fun spot: coming down this hill gives some good speed before the slalom through the trees.
  3. Riding through a few rocks.
  4. Some singletrack with a nice log ride.
  5. It took me a few tries to clean the rocky line down the center.
  6. A forest smurf.




i am liking those pedals

vookash you have really pimped out your nimbus 29. Looks very cool!!

Nice pics:)

I want to put on a break as well but Maguras are too pricey for me:(, so I’d like to get one like yours.

Did you just mount that break into one of the Magura mounts or did you have to use an adapter (if so where did you get it)?

What is the make and model of that break (since some have more, some less clearance)? What’s the max tire you can run w/ that setup?

But I noticed them first :roll_eyes:

me jumping off table and my wrecking…


Sorry, double post.

Adapters to install a V-brake on Magura mounts are available but you can make your own cheaply: one way to put V-Brakes on Mag mounts (photos are later in the thread)

It’s a Tektro 857AL (arms are 110mm long). On my 26" there is slightly less clearance between the crosswire and tire than there is between the frame and the tire so I’d say a 3" tire would work but there wouldn’t be much mud clearance.

Thanks… actually they were originally on my bike and I’ve exchanged them to same design but metal. And then they came in temporarily onto the uni and stay there until now :slight_smile: The grip is not that good so I’ll take my platforms when going Muni.

Thanks… I like it this way :slight_smile: Probably more photos today.

Got a photo on a way to work.

Nice view. It must be nice to live in Cracow except for the rainy weather probably :stuck_out_tongue: And I can see your Tbar is mounted. Nice work with a 29er.

Not the best view but it was of my latest ride to work after a couple of months off. Feels great to be back in the saddle :slight_smile:


Elbow smash bruise from working some SIF hops yesterday sans elbow guards.
Ouch I say.

Ouch! But at least no blood! :astonished:

All smiles on today’s 25 mile beach ride, after getting my thyroid test results this morning. Since stating on Levoxyl 6 weeks ago for hypothyroidism, my levels are back to normal! :slight_smile:

Mighty fine!!! Were you feeling different before???
Shug…want’s to know.

My previous tests showed definite hypothyroidism, which can have lots of symptoms, but mine were mainly fatigue, cold extremities, splitting nails and lowered metabolism. The last one didn’t effect me much since I ride almost daily, otherwise I would have been gaining a lot of weight! It was probably still considered “sub-clinical”, because only my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) was out of range, while my other levels, such as T3 and free were in normal ranges. I’m told that many people go undiagnosed for years, never knowing they are Hypo. And that number can be HUGE!

It is also known that many people have been misdiagnosed as ADHD, when all along they actually had hypothyroidism. Yep, and the very FIRST thing my doc had asked me, just before prescribing Adderall for what he thought was classic ADHD, he asked me if I had had a recent thyroid test! I told him no, and at the time didn’t know what the connection was, so I said I was sure it was fine. Wrong! And that was over a year ago now. Not saying that I don’t also have ADHD, but it does make me wonder now if it was just Hypo T all along!

But in the last few weeks I could really feel the difference and all those symptoms went away! What surprises me is that i was able to do that Fargo hill climb before I started the meds, and still had those symptoms! :smiley:

Great pictures, everyone! If I said it every time I thought it, this thread would be full of me saying it! This thread makes my day a little brighter when I can’t get on my wheel and I have to enjoy the experience vicariously. Thank you

Here are my humble contributions from American Samoa.

Atuu, American Samoa

Muni ride to the top of Mt. Alava, American Samoa

You brought your guni to American Samoa?!?!?!? So cool! Great pics.

Terry, you caught it early enough, as long as your thyroid hormones were in range (T3 and 4), your thyroid was doing it’s job. TSH is a hormone from the pituitary gland that tells the thyroid what to do. If it starts to decrease, you have a little while to see an appreciable decrease in thyroid function. chances are, if you waited longer, you would have felt crappier and your lab work would have been “clinical”.
Glad you’re feeling better!