Pictures of your latest ride

The nimbus is mine, the triton is Jay’s, the kh is Jeff’s.

Oh I see - aren’t you a lucky lot then :slight_smile:

MUni at Dawn. :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t go with you Terry. Let’s meet up next weekend when I go down to like Augora Hills though, maybe a 36er ride :wink:

Did you get a 36-er?

Soon hopefully.

Yes, I am a uni-holic. But just one more and then I complete the set!

And then for some t-bars, brake systems, geared hubs… :roll_eyes:

Today it was a unicycle meet in bogotá, it was amazing,

Then, a giraffe, 26" muni… It won’t stop!!!

ah yes, and disk brakes as well. Oh well, it’s a healthy disease.

Back to some good riding of late. Being slow with work gives some fine time to get out and work the atrophied muscles after a looooong winter.

Great Saturday ride.

And it looks some people have copied my old bike helmet-visor idea! (not to be confused with full-face helmets) :smiley:

Me, from 2007:


As a life-long cyclist I’m pretty used to silly-looking clothing, but WHAT!!!? :astonished:

those mothercycle helmet visors

Gath has been doing that for years on their helmets for water sports. It looks OK kayaking or surfing but too weird biking. Sunglasses are easier :stuck_out_tongue:


That cyclist in the last picture is wearing sunglasses under his helmet shade!!

My original intent was for it to block as much UV/UVB rays as possible, and also protect against eye-strikes from tree branches. And since the shield isn’t prescription (duh!) then glasses/sunglasses are still necessary if you have a prescription. Sure isn’t as silly looking as these! :roll_eyes:

I’ve been seeing quite a few cyclists wearing these:


Dear god, the lengths some people go to…

You got that right! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: (Dane in 10 years! ;))

Or 50! :stuck_out_tongue:



If I keep my dreads long enough for them to get long, they won’t go past my waist, I’ll just trim em.