Pictures of your latest ride

Dang Terry we look super cool haha. My upper arms are blinding white.

AspenMike, always love seeing your photos. You’re an animal!

Hi David!

I saw your pic and thought “that looks local” since I think I was there yesterday! I have to chase you through the woods with a cam. gotta get together soon dude. Did you see Jay’s new steed? The pic is from yesterday’s ride at HP…


20 mile ride out past some lakes, it’s a great day for a ride.

that is beyond amazing looking!!!

Haha, I sweat like a pig when I ride, but from sheer physical output, not clothing. And since I usually ride very early–and the temps have been in the upper 40’s to low 50’s, I don’t get overly hot from what I wear.

But I ALWAYS cover as much skin as possible, with long sleeves (wicking) shirts, leg warmers to cover what my cycling shorts don’t, a nose guard, hat and the helmet drape, sunglasses, leg guards also cover, pulse gloves, and of course, sunblock [Mexoryl xl] --the best you can buy.

Not a surprise that I am not a sun worshipper. Besides the skin cancer risk, it will age you faster than smoking and drinking; two more things I don’t do. Wow, I guess I don’t have much of a life haha! :slight_smile:

Well, it is a Triton! (the welds are immaculate!) but what makes everything pop is all the red anodized details. Chain ring bolts, nipples, valve cap, valve cap nut, home made spooner, KH saddle, the bolts that retain the brake hose, the HT pedals, the Avid Elixir CR brake, and soon self extracting crank bolt nuts! Talk about attention to detail! I can’t begin to think where he came up with all of the anodized parts! It’s dreamy!

also, his 24" wheel and disc brake slips right in without adjusting the spacers from the last Uni!

DANG!!! that is beyond sick!

Daffodil Classic

I rode 65 miles Sunday with the Tacoma Wheelmen on the fairly flat, fun and family friendly Orting Trail. Not a "Chamber of Commerce day, but not nearly as bad as the forecast. The Tacoma Wheelmen include an open invite to unicyclists for the Daffodil Classic.

Todays route to work. I choosed to go by main roads. Unfortunately due to major construction areas it was a bad idea. Took much longer than my “secret go around & between the fences” route. :slight_smile:

Had a 4 hour session today, it was great! Here’s a snap of me working on my crankflips :slight_smile:

Mean picture!

Well that’s not so bad then - your vids always make it seem like it’s about 70-80F+

I hardly ever manage to get out when it’s that cool - it’s either hot and dry or cold and raining…

I’d love to live somewhere that’s predominantly sunny but stays cool (at least in the evening/morning).

dont ride into that mud it will stop you super quick!

unicycles coming out of the woodwork…

Now that’s talent riding 3 unicycles at once.

or his backyard

What? You guys have never ridden with other unicyclists? Group rides are great!


Sunday looks rainy, but I think Jeff and Jay are going to be at Lynn on opening day on Saturday am. a few other invites are out, maybe Steve Potter and Cliff too. I’ll be at a Birthday party… gotta be there.

I have ridden with other unicyclists but I thought all of those unicycles are his…

oh and one of those unicycles is definitely coming out a rock not made of wood :smiley: