Quick release pedals

I ran into this on youtube
They make other QR pedals as well
MKS EZY Pomenade Type With EZY Adapters
and for brave ones, clipless
(sorry if they’ve already bean posted, didn’t se it in a search)

i like it but how strong will it be

I have seen this video before, and it sounds like a good idea, but definitely NEVER use clipless pedals on a uni. I found out the hard way. :astonished:

Looking at the photos I don’t think it would be possible to use them inserted into both holes of dual cranks. But it is what would be really interesting and it was stated in this thread:

Here is a related idea. These folding pedals would not get you two crank lengths, but they would be convenient to make a unicycle more portable.



The two potential problems I think would be 1 durability (pedal protectors would help a bit) and 2 the increased effective Q-factor (wouldn’t bother me KH cranks don’t have enough QF for me anyways).

I would never have the guts to try them but some prefer clipless, including bungeejoe

There is a guy here who rides tech muni and years ago I read of a guy who won a uni trials comp clipless.

vookash - That’s what the guy did in the vid I put in the OP.

kb1jki - yeah, I’d think it’d feel wobbly & only good for cruising I think.:o :thinking:

skilewis74 - ok I can watch it now. I see, but it is what I feared. That you have to chop them down a bit to make them move. And if you put your foot too close to the crank, which happens often to me, you will hit the connector.
I think that it is good idea in general, but too much inconvenience for such improvement. Anyway if you do it quite often then it is not hard at all to remove the pedals and get them back in a moment.

I had to bob the cage to pass the second chuck in the dual hole cranks… it will work.

Hey kb1jki, nice job, that might be an answer for some folks.

Let us know how the pedals hold up.

I think these are a great idea and hope KH makes something similar in the future…