Quick release pedals?

I remember seeing somewhere in the forums a type of pedeal adapter that made it possible to change the pedals on a two hole crank without a wrench. You screwed the thingy’s in to the crank then the pedals would lock into them. Anyone know where to find them? I link would be great.

Thanks, Mark

Did you use the search?




They all seem to have a little more off set due to the addition of a QR mechanism. The bear trap XCF and the Traverse styles are far nicer than the older road style pedals shown in the previous threads.

I was thinking about this very thing the other day when contemplating whether a dual hole crank really made sense; due to the time factor in changing pedal positions, I don’t tend to change pedals on a ride, which is really the only advantage of having a two hole crank.

Keep in mind that the additional QR is ~$35 and is not included with the pedals.

and not compatible for 110/127mm cranck as not enough space, just compatible for 125/150 and 137/165

Those Bear Trap styled pedals look nice and the second hole in a set of 150/125 would be no problem by the looks of them. My hesitation is $$ and durability. I suppose if they fail you can warranty the pedals, but that’s not really a very good answer.

I’m going to check on MTBR and see if there are any reviews.

What do you need quick release pedals for? A small set of allen keys costs $5-$10 and fits in your pocket. Who needs a pedal spanner?

In terms of fiddle time, wearing out threads, and just being a general pain the arse, changing pedals on the trail sucks. I’d be willing to bet that most people who ride dual hole cranks rarely change the pedal position on the trail.

Imagine being able to stop, press a button, and simply switch the pedal from one position to another in seconds. I would do this on the trail, whereas with having to take off my pack, get out a tool, unscrew the pedals, screw the pedals back in, put the tool away, put the pack back on, well it’s easy to see why folks don’t change their pedals on the trail.

I want pedal position changes to be as easy as lowering or raising my seat, which I do with a quick release clamp :slight_smile:

My only question is durability, cuz $100 investment is a lot of the pedals wear out in three months. Xpedo seems to make good pedals.

Exactly my thoughts. I was thinking of putting them on a 36".

I am about to pull the trigger on those bear traps and a second set of QR fittings, just need to pick a color; I like the gold, but black is nice :slight_smile:

These are going on my 26Guni 125/150 Moments, though, I suppose I could put them on the 29er if I had two additional sets of fittings…

Anyone have a source for the fittings for less that $35 a set?

How do you fit two adapters of these type though? Looking at them doesn’t the large side button rotate when they are screwed in so you could never get two next to each other, the other type linked to further up the thread has a push in collar so can be put side by side.

I would hate for you to waste your cash!

Yup, it’s gonna be tight, and I have not found a source for these pedals other than Taiwan, which would make a return problematic.

I guess you have already taken rough measurements from the pictures as you know the diameter of the threaded section so could calculate the other dimensions?

It would be good to have them built into the crank but then we are back to the small Uni market (and the a subsection of that to boot), damn economies of scale! :stuck_out_tongue: